10 myths about pregnancy and menstrual cycle
10 myths about pregnancy and menstrual cycle

10 myths about pregnancy and menstrual cycle

See  the top  ten  myths about  pregnancy and menstrual cycle that you should know beforehand and be fully aware about them.

There are many myths that have been associated with PMS – femininity and fertility symbol. You could shorten the length of the menstrual cycle? What is the relationship between the menstrual cycle and pregnancy? Is there really a “safe days”? It’s time to refute some myths related to the menstrual cycle.

It is the myth of the “safe days” is the truth? Is it possible to control the regularity and duration of the menstrual cycle? What about the menstrual cycle and pregnancy? It is worth noting that there are several myths about one of the most important symbols of fertility, but a period.

The first myth: swimming in the sea during menstruation attract sharks

There is no doubt that this sounds scary, but in fact there is no any link between the possibility of an attack by a shark when swimming in the sea and the menstrual cycle. It is not registered any case of an attack at all by the shark through the swim in the sea due to the menstrual cycle.

The second myth: You must abide comfortable during the menstrual period

True, it is preferred to emphasize the good sleep and rest during the menstrual cycle, but it is also useful to carry out physical exercise, which helps to relieve spasms and improve mood.

Fable III: hot water increases the symptoms of PMS

The good news or the bad in such a case, it is the only element that fully controls the severity and duration of the menstrual cycle is the body. Anything we do can not really affect either way. However, the bath water warm bath or even a good hot water bottle wrapped in a towel may help to deal with cramps and abdominal pain which characterize the menstrual cycle

The fourth: Can not getting pregnant during the menstrual cycle

Despite this common belief about the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, but it is not true. You can get a pregnancy during the menstrual period. The reason is that sperm can remain active for 3-5 days if kept inside the woman’s body. Therefore, regardless of the time should be used contraceptive permanently if it were not Mniat pregnancy.

Myth five: irregular menstrual cycle harm fertility

First, it is very important to talk with your doctor if the menstrual cycle did not appear or there is a change in regularity. I have a lot of women irregularity in the menstrual cycle may occur due to various factors such as stress, illness, exercise and other stressful. So it is not certain and there is a direct relationship with irregular period , and in all cases, it is very important to consult a doctor in such a case.

Myth Six: You should not use tampons until a certain age

It is not true, if you seriously enough to Being within a generation menstruation, you are great enough to use tampons. What is important is that read the instructions and warnings and know how to use them properly. So he preferred to ask young women guidance from the mother and it should be remembered that it is not supposed to tampons cause any pain or discomfort.

Seventh myth: it is possible to shorten or delay your period for two days

Do not do your effort to fill the void, it is not advisable to fight the nature of the menstrual cycle in Ajdzisamcn. It is possible that these measures cause other health problems.

Myth Eight: the blood of the period  is different from normal blood

Menstrual blood is perfectly normal blood and there are no any difference from the blood that flows in the body from one place to another.

Myth Nine: Period cleans the body of toxins

Bleeding in the menstrual cycle does not clean the toxins from the body, is the result of the evolution of the endometrium each month to receive the embryo, which secrete in the blood.

Myth Ten: the menstrual cycle, pregnancy days safe?

This is an old method of contraception, which is based on a certain number of days during which he can set up a full sexual relationship without the use of contraceptives and without access to unwanted pregnancies do, you must destroy this myth. Even women who have to have a regular and accurate monthly cycle disorder or change the time of menstruation as a result of multiple and different reasons may occur. Since the start of the menstrual cycle in most inaccurate women like Swiss watch, it is not desirable to rely on any such account way or other and must use contraception to prevent any unwanted pregnancy by even during the period.

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