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What is spasmophilia?

Spasmophilia is a set of signs involving spasms and muscle hyperexcitability. It is often affects women more readily than men. Spasmophilia Most of the time...


hemp seed

In our southern neighbors, the popularity of hemp seed and its derivatives soared. A market survey has shown that over the last two years. Hemp and marijuana:...


The goji berry

  The goji berry, as juice and dried bay  is relatively new to the North American market, despite being consumed by the Chinese for thousands of years...


Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is not a disease. This is a series of health problems that seriously increase the risk of developing type  two of  diabetes,  and heart...


Obesity is contagious

The number of cases of obesity is increasing in recent decades. It even calls this epidemic disease. Several explanations have been proposed to elucidate this...

Menopause: at what age?

Every year 400 000 women arrive in France at the age of menopause and more than ten million women are menopausal in our country. Some clinical and laboratory...

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