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Jacobson method

Jacobson method is based on a principle that there is a relationship between the emotions and the degree of muscle tension. Whatever the starting point of the...


Low calorie diet

  Definition of low-calorie diet Low calorie diets consist of reducing calorie intake: – Reducing the quantity of food – And limiting foods...


Are you a locavore?

Support the local economy by buying local products  is the philosophy of the locavore. We often think that eating season, eat organic, favoring local products...


Obesity surgery

Obesity surgery is increasingly employed. This technique  is however not trivial and  before opting for the knife, discover the essence of these methods. Very...


Burn your calories

Now several methods to estimate the calories we burn more or less reliable, they are essential to understand your needs to estimate an  unnecessary calories...


What is healthy diet?

You always wondering how you can manage a  perfect healthy diet   for your mind and  your body. I will provide with the main keys to achieve your healthy diet...

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