25 DIY Face Masks Casting A Magical Spell on Your Skin
25 DIY Face Masks Casting A Magical Spell on Your Skin
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25 DIY Face Masks Casting A Magical Spell on Your Skin

homemade face masks can not only rejuvenate your skin, but also cut on heaps of dollars. Here are 25 DIY Face Masks Casting A Magical Spell on Your Skin.


best diy Face Masks

1. Coconut Oil and Honey DIY Face Mask

Packed with the antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of honey and the nourishment of coconut, this face mask works wonders for healing your skin and protecting it from fungus and bacteria.

Recipe Details : mothersniche

2. Avocado Face Mask

It won’€™t take seconds to repair any dullness or damage in your skin with this face mask sporting equal portions of avocado and bananas, while preventing fine lines and wrinkles at the same time.

Recipe Details : freebiefindingmom

3. Coffee Mud Face Mask

Right from cleansing and exfoliating your skin to revitalising its overall appearance, this super potent clay mask calls merely for 3 organic ingredients – apple cider vinegar, coffee grounds and cosmetic clay.

Recipe Details : bedazelive

4. Brightening Turmeric and Lemon Face Mask

Simply blend some grounded rolled oats with a little manuka honey, turmeric and lemon juice, and voila! You are all set to celebrate a gloriously radiant skin with a totally even tone in a jiffy.

Recipe Details : theglowingfridge

5. DIY Face Mask

If those blackheads and acnes are the biggest trouble of your life, combat those menaces with a face mask containing bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar to unclog your pores and bid farewell to skin impurities.

Recipe Details : dearcrissy

6. Egg White Face Mask

Working just like magic for oily skin, an egg white face mask helps in the tightening and toning of the skin, while minimising pores and getting rid of excess sebum.

Recipe Details : healthextremist

7. Big Red

Getting its name from the chocolate paste like color and appearance that it flaunts, Big Red is composed of honey, cinnamon and ground nutmeg that target acne prone skin and help retain its glow.

Recipe Details : livingasalily

8. Detox Face Mask

When it comes to detox, nothing work better than bentonite clay. And that’€™s what makes it such a popular ingredient for cleansing face masks, just like this one that also calls for honey, coconut oil and lemon juice.

Recipe Details : thecoconutmama

9. DIY Moisturizing and Exfoliant Face Mask

Making the most of the anti-oxidant, nourishing and moisturizing properties of honey, lemon, avocado and olive oil, this mask is a great night-time dead cell exfoliation solution.

Recipe Details : thechalkboardmag

10. Cucumber Face Mask

That one-of-a-kind soothing sensation offered by cucumber, the hypoallergenic exfoliation of oatmeal, and the pore reduction offered by some natural yoghurt make this mask stand out with pride.

Recipe Details : whatdandidnext

11. Peeling Mask

This peeling mask is an instant cleansing treatment for your skin, removing all blackheads and tightening the pores. To end up in soft and glowing skin, you need apple cider vinegar, gelatin, and eucalyptus essential oil.

Recipe Details : tipsforher

12. Volcanic Acne and Skin Cleansing Face Mask

Activated charcoal and bentonic clay from aged volcanic ashes together can bring tremendous benefits to your skin with their detoxifying properties and quick contaminant absorption.

Recipe Details : lifeannstyle

13. Pumpkin Mask

Here’€™s a wonderful redness-reducing mask blending the properties of honey, pumpkin, egg and milk together! The end results are a terrific exfoliation and soothe skin.

Recipe Details : petitelefant

14. Blackheads Removing Mask

Combine some milk and unflavoured gelatin in a bowl and get going to bid farewell to those nasty little blackhead that are stealing the prettiness away from your skin.

Recipe Details : alldaychic

15. Homemade Yogurt Face Mask

Not only does yoghurt dissolve debris in the pores and reduces dead skin cells, but it also shrinks the pore for a healthier skin, just like this mask that needs yoghurt, cinnamon and honey.

Recipe Details : freebiefindingmom

16. DIY Edible Mud Mask

Having all the miraculous properties of natural yoghurt, honey, cocoa, lemon juice, buttermilk, and banana – this mask moisturises, exfoliates and tightens the skin while maintaining even tones and reducing blemishes.

Recipe Details : essentiallyeclectic

17. Brightening and Tightening Face Mask

While egg whites increase the elasticity of the skin, lemon juice contained in this mask is the secret behind the lightening of dark spots and accelerated skin healing.

Recipe Details : thekitchenmccabe

18. Homemade Banana Face Mask

If you want to rejuvenate the skin in just a matter of few minutes, going for this homemade banana face mask is a surely a wonderful idea – simply make a paste of banana with coconut oil and egg white.

Recipe Details : freebiefindingmom

19. Moisturizing Orange Face Mask

The author calls this mask Winter’€™s Worst Enemy€™, and the super quick moisture and radiance it brings to dry skin backs the statement just perfect. You need oatmeal, orange, juice, yogurt, honey, and orange peel.

Recipe Details : foodpluswords

20. DIY Skin Smoothing Mask

Sporting a fragrance of cupcakes, this mask is all you need for a soft, wrinkle-free youthful skin that is totally free from toxins. What it contains is some cocoa powder, honey and coconut oil.

Recipe Details : delightedmomma

21. Green Tea Facial Mask

All about the idea of simple and pure, this green tea-powered restorative mask sports edible ingredients, including baking soda, honey and green tea to make your skin smooth, bright and young.

Recipe Details : numitea

22. Coffee and Milk Face Mask

Apart from being a great beverage, coffee has got numerous other purposes, including blending coffee grounds with some milk to whip up a homemade face mask that reduces acne and prevents skin aging.

Recipe Details : thenoshlifeblog

23. Natural Facelift Mask

Make your skin look toner, younger and tighter in a fraction of a second with this natural facelift mask calling for simple ingredients from your kitchen – egg whites, lemon and raw honey.

Recipe Details : beautytips4her

24. Dead Sea, Seaweed and Silk Face Mask

The key to the freshness this mask brings to your face is a bundle of constituting minerals, enzymes, and vitamins brought by Dead Sea mud, honey, water, healing silk, seaweed powder, and pore-cleansing kaolin clay.

Recipe Details : humblebeeandme

25. DIY Chocolate Face Mask

It’€™s amazing how cocoa in this mask reverses the effects of aging and works for a healthy, youthful tightening of your skin, while adding a lovely glow with heavy cream, oatmeal, and honey.

Recipe Details : paulaparrish

Most of the above DIY Face Masks call for nothing more than a few basic ingredients that perhaps, are already lying in your kitchen. And for the exquisite end results they come with, isn’€™t it totally worth it to whip up one or more of your very own face masks at home?

Source: http://cutediyprojects.com


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