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Your grandmother will be the last person that you will consider asking for beauty or skin care tips. But depending on her age, she probably had more creative ways in keeping her beauty.

You must never underestimate women of the past since they still look amazingly attractive. If they wanted some beauty treatment, they prefer visiting their kitchen than going to salons or drugstores. Below are safe and effective skin care tips that you can try:

• Lemon juice as skin whitener: no need to use whitening chemicals since they prefer the use of lemon juice in whitening skin marks and nails. This can also add additional highlight to hair that will help making it look softer and healthier. This can be done by simple applying fresh juice of lemon to skin blemish or nails, the natural acids of the juice will be the one that will do the tricks. If you desire having additional hair blonde highlights, simple mix water and lemon juice in 1:1 proportion then apply to some strands. Ideally hit the beach and once you came back, you will have that organic blond looking hair.

• Use silk pillow cases when sleeping: This is one of the tricks that are believed by women of the past. Using this is the best treatment for your hair and face than the cottony one. This will not crease the skin and aids in avoiding the person to have that frizzy looking hair once they wake up.

• Beet and cinnamon for luscious lips: With the use of cinnamon and Shea butter, thin lips can be plump-up. Just mix Shea butter and a bit of cinnamon then rub it on the lips. Leave it for some minute before washing off; this will help stimulate blood flow in the lips for a beautiful, luscious and gorgeous looking skin. For additional lips colour, apply a slice of beetroot on your lips for a lipstick effect. This will make you look adorable that can compliments all types of skin tone

• For the dark circles around the eyes, use potatoes: This will help lighten the dark circles and take away also the puffiness. Simply slice raw potatoes, wash and place slices under the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. With regular use, you will see the difference.

• You can curl the hair with the use o strip clothing: Curling irons and perms was developed at this age. Before women uses strips of clothing when they wanted to have a curly hair. They simply roll their wet hair around it, tie knot into cloth that will help in holding it and leaving it when going to bed. The effect will be seen once you wake up; you will see wonderful curls in your head.

• Lard, cocoa butter or Shea butter: This three might not have that glamorous image but o great as beauty product. You can use one or mix of it to make moisturizer, cuticle treatment, lip balm, and make-up remover and a lot more.

• Olive oil for skin: The treatment of olive is known even before your grandmother was born. Just add small amount of olive oil to water bath, this will help your skin moisturized without irritating it. Very inexpensive yet truly effective.

Follow these skin care tips, and you’ll get an amazing results after a short period.

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