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Vaseline has its products for different purposes such as home remedy, for quick fixes and especially for beauty purposes.

It  is actually best known with the beauty products for offers for the ladies out there. If you do have your Vaseline beauty products in your closet you always have the reason to become more confident with your beauty. Here are the following 7 unique ways to use Vaseline for Beauty:

• Use it as a lip Moisturizer – this is one of the ways which you will find possible in using your Vaseline. If you have your dry lips, it is one of the best alternatives that you may try also. Just put a little amount on your lips to change your dry lips to become smooth.

• Use it as a DIY lip color – being very creative is very easy. If you have your eye shadow that you think will brighten your lips, and then apply a little amount of the shadow which you have mixed up with Vaseline. Because of such creativity you already your DIY lip color.

• Use it as an Eye Shadow Base – it is also another creative use for Vaseline. Doing this is very easy by simply putting this after you have applied your matte eye shadows.

• Apply this as an eye brow gel – you can also be creative in using it by applying this as your eye brow gel. It will surely, make your unruly eyebrows in place all day long. You can actually use this as your choice for your eye brows over than your regular eye brow products.

• Use it as a dewy makeup base – you can also have a dewy look. Doing this in a very simple ways I also easy. You just have to put a little amount of Vaseline on your face and the next step is to put sheer coverage foundation on it. Make sure that you did not put too much amount of Vaseline to avoid greasiness of your face.

• Can be a gel Alternative – if you run out of gel on your beauty kit, then you do not have to go into the market just to buy some because it  is a good alternative. You may do the hairstyle that you want to have with the use of Vaseline

• Good as Makeup Remover – if you do not want to use water to remove your make up for some reason, then it  is a good choice as an alternative. This can serve as a makeup remover. It can also remover your thick water proof mascara. In using Vaseline, just put little amount on a cotton and gently rub it in your face. After doing that, wipe your face with the use of a tissue and rinse your face with warm water.

These given 7 unique ways to use Vaseline for beauty is very helpful. Such creative ways will always help you all the time. So, if you want ways to make yourself more beautiful in a very easy and cheap way, use Vaseline.

Source: http://beautyhacks.co.uk

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