9 Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer
9 Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer
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9 Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer

There are so many women having some of these symptoms that are unaware of the danger which may occur. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to cervical cancer spread.

Here are the most warning  signs of cervical cancer to know you got this fatale sickness before hand:

  1. Pain in the legs

It may be the sign of cervical cancer, because pain and swelling can be caused by obstructed blood flow.

  1. Vaginal discharge

If there is something suspicious with your vaginal discharge, do see a doctor. It may be an infection or something more serious.

  1. Unusual bleeding

It can be common sometimes, but if the bleeding is persistent, you should see an Ob/Gyn.

  1. Discomfort while urinating

You may feel burning, stinging, or a tight sensation. Visit a doctor and check what it’s all about.

  1. Irregular urination

Not being able to control your bladder is a sign of cervical cancer, especially if it’s coupled with blood in the urine

  1. Irregular menstrual cycles

This sign can be related to number of things, but it can also be a sign that you’re at a much higher risk for cancer and will require regular screenings.

  1. Sex is uncomfortable

This symptom can also be related to many things, but the safest way to find out what is wrong is to see your doctor and discuss the issue.

  1. Painful pelvis

This can be a sign of tumors, though cramping in that area can also just be menstruation.

  1. Back pain

The same as above so visit your Ob/Gyn and find a solution to your problems.

To conclude, whether you have all the symptoms or just one from this list of cervical cancer, make an appointment at your doctor’s and eliminate the possibility of having a nasty disease developed.

Source: www.wellmindness.com

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