A group of foods for the prevention of cold
A group of foods for the prevention of cold

A group of foods for the prevention of cold

See a set of  foods that will prevent you  from catching  cold and protect you from it. Read all  foods  to benefits more.

The consumer information center in the German city of Munich, it could face the viruses and bacteria that cause  cold in the winter, by eating foods that contain inhibitory-inflammatory substances, or which has the effect of anti-bacterial.

Among these foods, soups hot containing red chili, as this soup works to stimulate the secretion of healthy race, and the chili contributes to stimulate blood flow within the mucous membranes, and thus these membranes be prepared to deal with the bacteria better.

It explains the center this wonderful effect chili pepper to contain vitamin C and oils pilot, as well as some secondary plant material, which works on prevention of bacteria, pointing out that the hot horseradish which also contains vitamin C has the effect of similar to this, as characterized by mustard inside the existing sulfur-containing material impact of anti-bacterial, viruses oils.

The center added that ginger also has the effect of inhibitor-inflammatory and antibacterial, stressing that it is better to be taken more than once throughout the day in the form of hot tea  that will you from being affected by cold.


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