A lot of death rate,why?
Death : A lot of people are dying , why?
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A lot of death rate,why?

Heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in worldwide. 100 years ago, it was pneumonia and influenza that we would die the most. Analysis of these trends and causes of death in worldwide.

1) Cancers

Cancers (from all sources) are the leading cause of death in France, representing nearly 30% of all death (the second cause after infarction in most other European countries). The most common cancer killers are lung cancer (especially in men, but strong growth in women too, since gradually catching breast cancer death), rectal and colon cancer and prostate cancer (in humans). Lung cancer is in about 90% of cases due to smoking (most active, sometimes passive).

Cancers of the head and neck (larynx, throat) are often related to the association of tobacco and alcohol. Now thought that obesity could be the cause of many cancers as well.

Cancers are increasingly frequent with age. However, we know early detection of colon cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer by avoiding as they invade the body or are complicated by metastasis or death. Cancer treatments are heavy, often painful and expensive, but progress has sometimes been phenomenal in recent years and it comes after a growing number of cancers. Prevention, too often neglected, would prevent many cancers arise from: starting with stopping smoking (the smoker can advantageously replace the electronic cigarette to significantly reduce the risk of tobacco smoked) and consumption Moderate alcohol.

2) Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary heart disease accounts for just over 20% of deaths or the second cause of death in France (the first in most other European countries, as France has one of the infarction mortality rate of the lowest infarction in the world). Myocardial infarction is the death of heart muscle cells, thus weakening the heart pump that can sometimes lead to death, either immediately or after several successive infarction. Myocardial infarction is due to coronary obstructed by atherosclerotic plaques (cholesterol) which leave more spend sufficient blood and therefore oxygen, the fuel cells. The coronary clog for several reasons: age, but all older people make no angina or myocardial; hypercholesterolemia; high blood pressure ; diabetes ; smoking. To prevent the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, it is therefore necessary to fight against all factors that favor, in particular, physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity, and also the caregiver associated diseases mentioned above.

3) Stroke

Stroke is known in common parlance “brain attacks” are a major cause of disability and death (6% of all deaths). Most often they occur in older people, but sometimes younger when they have vascular risk factors, and these are also the same, generally, as described for heart disease (item 2).

There are two main types of stroke, the so-called ischemic, because the vessels become blocked and no longer provide the required ration of oxygen to the brain, in a similar mechanism to that of the myocardial infarction mentioned above; and those called bleeding because bleeding vessels in the brain and by flooding the entire areas. In both cases, damage to parts of the brain affected can be irreversible and cause paralysis of limbs, speech disorders, sometimes swallowing (difficulty eating or drinking), or even very serious difficulty breathing or of consciousness that can lead to death. Some strokes can almost pass unnoticed, or cause some sequelae. However, they are a contributing factor to the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, or related forms of these diseases.

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