a program to strengthen your muscle in water
A program to strengthen your muscle in water
A program to strengthen your muscle in water

a program to strengthen your muscle in water

It is never too late to make the muscle building. Even when one is quietly on the beach in a swimsuit. Our program to tone up the sea or the pool this summer in order to make your muscle stronger :

It invigorates his chest in water

We shoulders in water, feet flat on the floor, width apart basin.

It fetches water behind with both hands and cooled before him with outstretched arms. At the end of the movement, hands must touch. It inspires by bringing hands behind you and expires when the hands are touching. It is thought well to keep hands, arms and shoulders in water.

If there is tension in the shoulders, we can do this exercise but soundly.

One good care shoulders down by running the movement. We keep tight belly.

It takes 30 seconds to eight series. We do 15 seconds of active recovery between sets by the mounted knees.

It tightens his buttocks in water

Right leg straight leg forward and one pushes the then returns behind without setting foot on the ground. In fact, it provides a front kick followed by a kick back in a rocking motion.

During movement the legs was set to “flex”, so as to urge the buttocks.

It is thought to tip well ahead and well switch back to not dig her back. It inspires pushing ahead and exhale by pushing the leg behind. We keep tight abs.

It takes 30 seconds on each leg before switching to the other leg. It’s been eight rounds without recovery.

We thigh muscle

The exercise in rule-tighten the legs is very effective to carve concrete thighs. This can be achieved differently depending on their ease. For each of these variants is made four sets of thirty seconds  of  making your muscle stronger than before(if you have eight series of energy).

Level 1 for beginners: Standing, the water rises to chest height. The minute you start the movement of “rule-tightening”, it brings the shoulders in water. Therefore dismisses the front legs to bring them back ahead. The feet remain on the ground throughout the duration of the exercise.

Level 2 Intermediate: Even without exercise, but put your feet on the ground. I spread my legs but when I tightens and they touch directly I open legs.

Level 3 hardest: a fried placed under each foot (the foot is in the middle of fried). It deviates from the legs to remove the chips and back thighs.

It is thought to tighten the glutes back soon as feet. The abs are always tight.

Flatten her belly

It is at the edge of the basin, placed a fried behind. The right hand is placed on the right end, left hand on the left end. One is sitting, legs straight and feet flexed, as if we were sitting on a deckchair. Pressing fried so as to bring the upper body forward to take out the heels out of the water. Then returns to its initial position.

It is careful to remain seated during the exercise to empower your muscle.

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