Addiction affect your work
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Addiction affect your work

Accidents, absenteeism, and loss of skills  in the workplace are the results of different forms of addiction behavior different forms that affect people’s work.

For the first National Day of prevention of addictive behavior in the workplace, organized jointly by the Ministry of Labour and by the Interministerial Mission for the fight against drugs and addictive behaviors (Midelca), a survey which Le Parisien reports the results brings figures Narcotics:

91% of respondents believe that in their business, employees consume at least a psychoactive product (tobacco, alcohol, cannabis)

85% of them say they are “concerned” about the consequences of this dependence in terms of absenteeism, frequent delays and conflicts between colleagues 72% believe that it is the alcohol that has the greatest impact on the company’s activity.

10% recognize that there are cannabis users in the company.
One in four drinks on the workplace

Celebrate a retirement, a birth, an anniversary: ​​the number of opportunities to drink with colleagues in the workplace abound. There are a few months, a survey by the Scientific Research Institute for drinks revealed that nearly one in four French people (24%), there was no question of “doing one pot” among colleagues without alcohol.

Yet outside of poisoning office life and bring down productivity, addiction can affect quite dramatic. Recall for example the case of the anesthesiologist of maternity Orthez arrested while intoxicated after the death of a patient who had admitted his addiction to alcohol.
Today the Labour Code provides that no liquor is allowed on the workplace but tolerates wine, beer, cider and perry (Labour Code, Art. R. 4228-20). However, the employer can regulate the introduction of alcohol into his company if its consumption is “likely to prejudice the security and physical and mental health of workers.”


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