Advices about nutrition
How I Got My Nutrition on Track

Advices about nutrition

In his book published September 9, 2015, Buying Guide eat well, the First editions, the nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen reviewed 500 consumer products. He reveals his ten key tips to select them. And so, to eat better.

Make a shopping list of nutritionist advices

“It sounds silly, but many people will do their shopping without knowing what to buy. The first mistake to avoid this situation is of course to make a shopping list to buy only what you really need”  nutrition tips.

 Studying the entire radius

We tend to take the first product in front of you, at hand and eye level, without dwelling on the other. Bad habit according to Dr. Cohen: “The offer is wide and found healthier and cheaper products in the higher or lower shelves So my advice. Study all the radius before choosing.”

Be wary of packaging

“The product packaging is done to attract the eye, and push the customer to consume these products,” warns Jean-Michel Cohen. And the most eye-l’oeil products, they are usually found at the entrance to the store or department head. “But also in the aisles themselves, such as breakfast cereal, the packaging of which are covered with drawings and games to attract children and encourage parents to buy them.”

Do not pay too much attention to the portions

“Industrial voluntarily indicate on their packaging portions, calories an acceptable rate. As the 30 gram portions indicated on the packaging of chips, for example, whereas one knows that one will eat more “says rightly physician-nutritionist.

Always read the calorie indications

Essential to Dr. Cohen: “The caloric value is a good indicator for recognizing the quality of a product in all cases, it should not exceed 400 kcal per 100 grams Beyond that, the product is much too rich..” . A few more minutes to look at the labels, but critical minutes.

Well look at the ingredients 6-

The list of ingredients in a product speaks for itself. “Beyond 6 ingredients lines, I recommend buying the product,” says Jean-Michel Cohen. “That means we are far from the first food, it really is too processed.”

How to choose an equivalent product

“We tend to focus on known brands, which it was ten years ago, were of quality. But this is no longer true today,” denounces the nutritionist. “You have to say that there is always equivalent to the known brand that we have in mind and it will sometimes be a better product.

Check the nature of the fat

“If we push a little further the study of labels, we must dwell on the composition of fats. In general, they should not exceed 20% of the total, or 20 grams per 100 grams product “, explains the specialist. “Then check how fat he is – the best being the oils from rapeseed and sunflower – and eliminate products containing hydrogenated fats.”

Remove the syrup of glucose-fructose

CV “Regarding sugars, always in the list of ingredients is glucose-fructose syrup is absolutely to flee!” According to Jean-Michel Cohen, it would be one of the first leaders of the obesity pidemic in the United States.

Choose simple products

Finally, simply check that the product you want to buy property appears first in the list of ingredients. Because the order of appearance also indicates the proportion of the ingredient in the finished product. “If I buy chocolate, cocoa paste should be listed first, not sugar, otherwise it is not really chocolate,” concludes the nutritionist.

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