Advices of stomach pain to feel good
stomach pain
stomach pain
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Advices of stomach pain to feel good

Whether spasmodic or painful periods, respiratory autogenic reduces spasms and reduce stomach pain.

This yoga breathing method uses the breath to relax the main body parts (pranayoga: breath control and energy), and positive visualization to store the trigger. Guided by the therapist, the session is done lying or sitting and lasts about 45 minutes. “The goal is to harmonize the mind and body to get oneself a state of physical relaxation and mental clarity.

After approximately six sessions to memorize the steps, you can practice this respiratory autogenic home, “explains Helen Monnet, relaxation therapist and coach. This method is particularly effective on spasmodic pain .

The Board homeo

In case of menstrual pain and digestive pain, take Cuprum Metallicum 15 CH, 5 granules, as often as necessary. Or Colocynthis 15 CH, 5 granules, as often as necessary.

The Board phyto

If spasms, massage the belly with 2 drops of essential oil (HE) and tarragon 2 drops of basil HE diluted in 1 tsp. in s. vegetable oil.
The gestures that relieve

If pain before menstruation. Place a hot water bottle on your stomach. Massage the ear flap from the top down, several times a day.

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