The training and frequent low-intensity weight training as the American term “aerobics” develops form and fitness. Especially effective for the legs and lower body aerobics strengthens the upper body and relaxes the whole body.By adding weights greatly increases the strength and endurance.

Aerobic on pace funk

So we distinguish aerobic on pace funk, appreciated the young age of Low Impact aerobics for beginners and seniors, with soft ground impacts and rhythm and less frenzied sequences. This enables better control posture.

The step-aerobic

The step-aerobics less oriented dance, suitable for beginners and seniors.

The way to improve its shape is achieved by increasing the intensity of the sessions according to each capacity.

By practicing running, swimming, cycling or just walking is increased endurance capabilities and minimizes the chronic condition of legs and joints.

Duration of a session

45 minutes to an hour. The maximum heart rate is 220 minus the age of the participant.

More breath and endurance is the dual challenge. The high impact aerobics that takes dance and gymnastics and is accompanied racing and plyometrics (jumping).

Not recommended for beginners and those who have back problems or knee, or quadriceps and hamstring tendons of the little resistance.

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