All about Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga
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All about Hatha Yoga

Between yoga bikram, ashtanga, Nidra, Kripalu, Kundalini, anusara … It is to lose his Latin! You are told all about the  most practiced : Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga  in Sanskrit means union (Yoga) of body energy (Ha) and mind (Tha), sun and moon, yin and yang energies. This is the form of the most practiced yoga in the West. The point with Céline Ubico, co-director (with Gerard Arnaud) of the French Federation of Yoga (Yoga Studio Gerard Arnaud).

Hatha yoga, késako?

Hatha Yoga is a method of gentle yoga and uncompetitive. “It is practiced gently and slowly, in pleasure,” summarizes Céline Ubico. This also it is accessible full discipline does not require flexibility or because of high endurance adapts to the possibilities, provided and age of each and offers an almost unlimited potential for growth. This is the easiest method to discover and tame yoga. With this exercise in itself, no risk of injury or trauma to your joints as the number one principle is listening to oneself.

Hatha Yoga, good for all

Taught and supervised by a professional when you are beginner, Celine Ubico recommends Hatha Yoga practice at all stages of life “as a game for children and even a chair to the very old.” Whether you are a man or woman (even pregnant), scholar, student, active or retired, you will understand: there is no age to start … and go! But for the young and in good physical condition, Celine Ubico recommends opting instead for Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic method. Even if there are very few medical indications against the practice of Hatha Yoga (recent surgery, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, pathological pregnancy …), it should always ask his advice to your family doctor. If you suffer from a specific part of the body (neck, back …), do not hesitate to tell your teacher who then adapt the postures and sequences in your state, some ‘asanas’ that can be recommended.

How does a session of Hatha Yoga?

A session usually lasts between 1 am and 1:30. There are several levels from beginner to advanced. This is chained and maintain several minutes different postures (asanas) more or less complicated. Add to this breath control, breathing (pranayama) and concentration. Most of the time the session begins and ends with above ten minutes of rest and relaxation, usually elongated transition time before returning to his physical activity . By region, prices vary from 10 to 30 € in the group class session.

What are the benefits of Hatha Yoga?

After a month of practice, we can already feel the first benefits of yoga, ie, according to Céline Ubico “a feeling of calm, well-being and serenity. It maintains the body and relaxes the mind. It ‘ is a source of balance: between physical and spiritual strength and flexibility, determination and acceptance. ” Especially since this discipline quickly rubbed off on the lifestyle. In the short and long term, can thus be expected to zap stress  fast (whether emotional or physical), improve flexibility, memory, concentration and posture, sleep and find a quality sleep, develop his respiratory capacity, better manage stress and balance his daily brief, a certain level of fitness and overall wellness. All this is of course possible only if fully experience her yoga and get involved body and soul, not only to get to its weekly dilettante over until the results appear with the minimum of effort and bodily and spiritual investment. Yoga advocating moderation and wisdom, it would be churlish indeed to indulge it while manhandling his health (alcohol, tobacco) or retaining risk behavior in parallel.

How to choose a teacher of Hatha Yoga?

Céline Ubico recommends choosing a teacher “certified by the French Federation of Yoga. It is essential that it has a degree validating at least 200 hours of training in a body approved by Yoga Alliance.” According to her, “a good teacher should be attentive to her students and put them within reach of everyone, able to adapt his teaching to the temperaments and physiques of the participants.” To find the course or teacher who best suits you, ask to participate or attend several practice sessions. You can also consult the directory of accredited teachers made available by the UNY (Yoga National Union), La FNEY (Yoga Teachers National Federation) and FIDHY (Federation Inter – Hatha Yoga teachings). If you have any doubt about the skills or qualifications of a teacher, you can contact the training organization to which he said have formed as one of the organizations mentioned above. If you fear any sectarian abuse from a teacher or school, contact immediately Miviludes.

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