Alopecia areata heal quickly
Alopecia areata heal quickly
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Alopecia areata heal quickly

Alopecia areata is a disease that  take  the concern of most people around the glove.So,i will provide with a great amount of information that will help you a lot to face it.

Most often, it begins with a sudden fall hair “cookie-cutter” in various places on the scalp. The hair follicle goes into sleep without knowing why. Result: the hair is no longer nurtured and eventually falls. This skin disease is autoimmune origin .It mainly affects adolescents and young adults under 25 years old, men and women.

There may be a triggering factor: physical stress (illness, operation, pregnancy …) or psychological, in the days or the weeks, but it is not always the case. Family history is a predisposing factor.

How to treat the hair loss?

The doctor prescribed steroid creams in general, that calm inflammation and play an immunosuppressant role. For violations more severe and tend to spread, corticosteroids are prescribed systemically (tablets).

Meanwhile, a treatment is associated to activate hair growth. These products’ local irritants apply to the plates either remotely taking corticosteroids, or immediately after. During this period, the dermatologist follows the evolution of the plates when taking pictures with a ruler to measure, during regular appointments.
If the disease is not moving, wait regrowth. In the most serious cases, hospital care in a dermatology department may be necessary. A general immunosuppressive therapy is then started.

How is it developing alopecia areata?

For a third of people, alopecia areata resolves spontaneously, that is to say, the hair grows back as before. For another third, plates stabilize. For others, there is a deterioration, manifested by an extension of the affected areas of the scalp.

More rarely, other body hair (beard, pubic hair, eyebrows and eyelashes included) may fall or just in patches or completely. In 10% of cases, these are nails that are affected in varying proportions: small dots (like a thimble) to a real fall. It is then more or less visible destruction of the nail. There may be relapses, several to several years apart.

When does the hair grow back?

In the best case, not before three months. Regrowth is slow! It usually wait between six and twelve months, which is often difficult for a woman to live. Hence the importance of dialogue and moral support from the doctor.

And what to do in the meantime? As the problem is the hair follicle, there is no risk to healthy hair. We can keep doing the same care as before (coloring, styling products …) on areas that are not affected. Continue to take care of yourself and her hair is even recommended to dramatize the situation.

What are the current treatment leads?

Different lasers (308 nm excimer fractionated and CO2) were tested in connection with alopecia areata with rather convincing results. Same for local therapies micropuncture, rollerblading (toothed wheel that facilitates the penetration of assets) or mesotherapy (subcutaneous injection of vitamins). But these recent studies involve small numbers and have not yet been validated on a large scale. For now, these techniques can not be considered only in severely affected patients and warned of the possible failure of these new treatments. Provided also have the means, because they are expensive (between 150 and 300 € per session) and not reimbursed. •

Solutions when the hair does not grow back
Hair powders (Hair 30, Franck Provost) based on different colors of keratin fibers may advantageously hide the plates. They eliminate the shampoo.
A hairpiece (wig) may be prescribed by the doctor (taking load possible).
Cosmetic and medical dermopigmentation involves injecting pigments, point by point, in the middle dermis and under local anesthesia, without hair on areas. The goal ? Create the illusion of hair density and hide the plates. It is preferably carried out in medical practice by an experienced practitioner.
This  method aims to implant the patient’s hair on a very thin membrane attached to the scalp and changed every month. This added hair is undetectable.
Hair transplants can be an important solution for alopecia. It is a medical intervention under local anesthetic which requires to collect good grafts.


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