Alternative to home

Alternative to home

Alternative to home
Alternatives to home in nursing homes or long-term care are characterized by the type of accommodation available (individual, group or family)

The fireplace housing service residence and the most hospitality establishments other than nursing home and long term care units cater first to the elderly one little dependent. Whatever type of accommodation, more and more healthcare institutions have yet to respond to requests. Another trend is the development of small structures on a human scale.

Individual accommodation

Housing home

Alternatives Ehpad Aimed at the home of the elderly and not just dependent on the physical activity  and psychological, the sheltered housing suitable for autonomous subjects wishing to retain their independence. It is a collection of small individual living units with common premises and related services, varying structures.

These generally include delivery of meals (at least healthy breakfast), the assistance of a housekeeper, a remote alarm or equivalent, laundry … Dr. Agnes Saraux 2 remarks: “These services often charge, are optional. the resident may decide to keep the professionals they are accustomed to. for leisure, various events and trips can be organized by the town hall or local associations. in rural areas, shuttle service can be made available to the city center , especially on market days.

Admission is subject to a medical examination to verify the ability to live in such a structure. The increasing number of applications from dependents, some sheltered housing were medical.

Residents pay a rent, which can be partly funded by individual housing or housing allowance, as well as social assistance in the structures authorized to receive people who benefit.

The service and the village retiremnt residence

The terms of service or retirement residence town are sometimes used to refer to private sheltered housing. The benefits are often more luxurious than in the public (in small pavilions housing, antenna paramedic, nurse constantly, places and facilities to practice various leisure …). They also offer the opportunity to own.

The collective accommodation

The retirement home not medialized(MAPA)

Sometimes called home for elderly (Mapa), non nursing home offers a class full board accommodation accompanied by various services (meals, assistance with daily living, entertainment …). “These non-medical institutions are less and less likely, said Dr. Saraux. Today, in fact, most of the elderly in need by entering retirement home. They need a medical facility.”

The home for elderly dependents (MAPAD) is for older people who require ongoing assistance. Many have now become Ehpad.

House rural home for seniors(Marra)

The rural home for the elderly (Marpa) is present in rural areas. It allows valid seniors or slight loss of autonomy to be surrounded by others while continuing to live in their familiar environment. Tenants, the elderly benefit from small independent units with private access and collective living spaces. They participate in the daily life of Marpa and the social life of the village.

Early structure

Medicalized or not, this smallest unit of life welcomes least fifteen dependent or very dependent seniors. It is inserted in the urban environment and animated by a hostess.

Staying with a host family

Hosted for a fee by a family other than his own (single person or couple with or without children), the senior has a stimulating framework for maintaining its autonomy.

The welcoming receive specific training and authorization by the General Council for their department. Through their experience, some prefer to care for dependent persons, even very dependent, while others are more comfortable with autonomous individuals.

A written contract by mutual agreement, defines the material and financial conditions of reception, and the rights and duties of the elderly and welcoming. “This reception mode is greater in rural areas,” notes Dr. Saraux.

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