Anti aging serum for your skin
anti-aging serum
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Anti aging serum for your skin

This article will be about  the  best ingredients  anti aging serum  for your skin which will  make  a great different  to your skin care, and will make it look more beautiful and younger.

The list of  the  best ingredients  anti aging serum  for your skin:

Some water
Whether an aqueous gel or an emulsion, the water is the first of a serum component, unless it is in the form of an oil.

Because of   anti aging serum must be moisturizing glycerin often happens in the first places in the list of ingredients. There are also hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight.

Anti aging ingredients
With its hyperfluid texture, assets or vitamins that would be unstable in a cream integrated therein, and in excess. Resveratrol, for example, dissolves easily except in alcohol. It is also often found hyaluronic acids of medium and low molecular weight (thus penetrating more or less thick), that boost the dermis. And tensor or wrinkle peptides, plant extracts, antioxidants (polyphenols …).

Penetration facilitators
Fruit acids promote a slight flaking and make the skin more permeable to serum. Penetration can also be optimized by the presence of ceramides or vectors which encapsulate the active and “propel” within cells.

These are ingredients that promote mixing of the oil and eau.Car new sera are often microemulsions which enable a broader active association, and guarantee a better harmony with the skin.

Present in almost all non-organic serums, they bring the slippery and a non-stick effect. They thus make it possible to have pleasant textures. But are not biodegradable. Better therefore is that they are not top of the list of ingredients …

And also…
Tensor assets. Whether from protein wheat or oats, peptides or sugars (polysaccharides), they are lifting immediate action to effect a real facelift.

The  flouteurs
They illuminate the complexion or floutent. These are silica powders, mica, alumina or boron nitride. They are placed in the hollow of the fold of skin and reflect the light, blurring wrinkles.

What is asked

Being easy to apply and have a pleasant texture. To provide immediate comfort being sufficiently moisturizer. Allow then apply a treatment no greasy, sticky and not fluffy. To have a tightening effect, lifting or reduce wrinkles immediately. To have an antioxidant effect, long-term firming.

To monitor…

Alcohol Very present in conventional serum, it is used to accelerate the penetration of active ingredients. At the risk of drying out the skin, especially when it is dry or sensitive.

The specialist focus

The anti aging serums can be in the form of hydrophilic gel, ultrafine textured oils or emulsions. Highly concentrated in active, they can now be used alone or still under a care day or night. They multiply the effects of care then applied.

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