Anuptaphobia or the fear of staying single
Anuptaphobia or the fear of staying single
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Anuptaphobia or the fear of staying single

Anuptaphobia is the fear of staying single. It is a rather rare phobia but can have non-phobic correspondences in certain relational behaviors: emotional dependence or sexual addiction for example.

Anuptaphobia or the fear of staying single

Behaviors associated with fear of staying single

There are many anuptaphobes on the dating sites where they are in search of great eternal and unique love. This phobia concerns mostly women. It can be the source of emotional dependence or sexual addiction.

Possible sources of fear of staying single

The anuptaphobes suffer from a very strong anxiety of abandonment. They are people who can be in a couple but have made the choice of the other by default: “Better to be with him (or her) than to be alone!”.

This anguish of abandonment finds its sources mainly in childhood at times when the subject felt abandoned, rejected and misunderstood by his entourage, mainly his parents.

Physical, Psychological and Behavioral Consequences

The anuptaphobe is obsessed with the love relationship. It is a person who always asks to be loved and understood. Solitude is unbearable to her and she carries within herself the unfailing idea that she will end her life alone and abandoned. So she considers herself a bad, null and ugly person. This leads to behaviors of withdrawal and constant devaluation of oneself.

Some anupapphes may have addictive sexual behaviors because for them, the more sexual relationships they have, the more they feel connected, loved and loved.

Possible Treatments for Anupapphy

A psychotherapy is to be considered because it allows the anupapphobic subject to work on the very origin of his phobia, that is to say the feeling of constant abandon and the fear of finishing his life alone.
Famous Anuptaphobia

Apparently, Elizabeth Taylor was anuptaphobic, witnessed by her eight marriages.

Analysis of a case of anuptaphobia

Jeanne is a 24 years old girl. She is persuaded that she will finish an old maid and can not believe she can be desirable. She is constantly watching her best friends who are in a couple. She dreams of grandiose marriage and a man who would finally get her out of her boredom. But this Prince Charming is not for her or so … it does not exist!

Yet Jeanne is a beautiful girl who has “everything for her”. She identifies after several sessions of psychotherapy that her phobia is related to a dead father when she was six years old and for whom she keeps an irrational veneration. As if he alone could save her from her distress! Ah, Oedipus when you hold us!

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