Apricots for Baby Food

Apricots for Baby Food

Apricots for baby foods
Learn About Feeding Your Baby Apricots and the Age to Introduce Apricots.
The Goodness of Apricots

They are high in Beta Carotene (Vitamin A), Vitamin C and Lycopene. Just 3 apricots contain approximately 30 % of the USRDA for Vitamin A. This combination of nutrients is one of the best defenses against heart disease and some cancers.

They are another great source of nutrition for baby. As with several other fruits, you may typically introduce them anywhere from 6 months old and older.

If you will be using Dried Apricot, try to find those that do not contain sulphurs such as sulphur dioxide. Some people are allergic to sulphurs and sulphurs tend to be high in sodium.

How to select and store Apricots for baby food ?

According to the EWG, they  are not one of the “dirty dozen” foods that are most highly contaminated with pesticides – purchasing organic apricot is a personal choice.

Look for plump, fairly firm apricot with an orange-yellow to orange color. Fully ripe apricots are soft to the touch but not squishy. It tend to be juicy and should be eaten as soon as possible.

Keep apricot cool to prevent over ripening. Store ripe apricot in the refrigerator where they may keep for up to a week. You may place hard apricot in a paper bag and let ripen for a day or two but keep in mind that apricots have are a greenish color will not ripen. To freeze fresh apricot, simply half the fruit and place on baking sheet until frozen. Then pack in a plastic freezer bag.

The best way to cook Apricot for baby food

You may bake apricot by halving, pitting and then placing in a shallow baking dish with water. This method brings out their natural sweetness and also helps retain nutrients.

You may also steam or boil apricots using a blanching method – add it  to boiling water for a few minutes then take them out, run cool water over them and slip the skins off; you will still need to pit them.

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