Are you a locavore?
Are you a locavore?

Are you a locavore?

Support the local economy by buying local products  is the philosophy of the locavore.

We often think that eating season, eat organic, favoring local products expensive or time consuming. In reality, it is accessible to all. In his book, Eat seasonal, photographer and cook Carrie Solomon reveals the secrets of simple, healthy cuisine and explains all the benefits of locavore.

A locavore is what?

Eat season and give preference to local products are the basic rules of locavore, according to the author. We are all capable of making the difference between the tasteless junk food and tasty local produce. No need for that the products are organic LABELLED.

Many local producers use sustainable farming. Locally produced tomatoes have more flavor than those who come from afar. For this, you need to permanently retire to the countryside or long mileage. You decide yourself your perimeter to buy your products.

This can be within 50 kilometers or region. Simply be aware of the origin and place of production of the product you use. Thus, you are supporting the local economy by removing intermediaries. And that’s not all ! This approach also reduces the transport time so the pollution and all that is good for our planet.

The locavore is curious

A locavore takes his time to find better products to the market. He does not hesitate to ask questions, whether at the supermarket or elsewhere on the origin of products. He is interested in local products and protested when he sees his supermarket of imported products as one can find locally. It can also help support the work of a nearby farm.

The locavore is not vegetarian, but it reduces its meat consumption because we know that farming accounts for over 14% of emissions of greenhouse gas effects. The locavore can also dream to eat strawberries in winter, but in this case it will be expected to put the canned summer. For fish, it will favor sustainable fishing. And if one was gardening? Even in the city, we can grow some vegetables in pot on your balcony or aromatic plants on the window.

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