Argan oil, a miracle product for the skin, hair and nails
Argan oil
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Argan oil, a miracle product for the skin, hair and nails

It is no coincidence that argan oil is sometimes referred to as “liquid gold”. It really does miracles for the skin, but also hair and nails. And it’s an incomparable anti-aging treatment!

Argan oil

What is argan oil?


Taken from the fruit of the argan tree, a tree that is found exclusively in Morocco and Algeria, it has been used for centuries by Berber women, in cooking but especially in their recipes of beauty. The secret has crossed the Mediterranean in recent years.

It  is a precious oil with many virtues. For use in cosmetics, it is cold pressed, which makes it possible to retain all its properties.


It  is particularly rich in antioxidants (oleic acid and linoleic acid) and vitamin E (tocopherols), among many other elements. This makes it an exceptional anti-aging product. Better than that, it  hydrates the skin and gives it elasticity, it gives shine to the hair and fortifies them, as well as the nails. It is also healing and nourishing, which makes it very useful to help his face to face external aggressions, in the case of marks left by pimples of acne or varicella for example.

Benefits of Argan Oil for the Skin


It  hydrates, softens and firmens the skin; It also prevents its drying out. It is used pure, especially in massages, but you can for example coat of argan oil at the exit of the shower. If you have very dry skin, do it even half an hour before your shower and let the oil act! Nourishing, the argan oil calms the sunburn. Cicatrizing, it can help in case of acne or cracking. If your child has just had chicken pox, it will allow you to make the traces disappear.


For dried skin: absolute essential oil of jasmine, essential oil of neroli.
 Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair


The nourishing properties of argan oil make it the ally of your hair, especially if dry and dull. Used in conditioner or hair mask, it will give them strength and vitality, make them shining and shiny. This oil can also help to remove dandruff.


To restore strength and shine to your hair: rhassoul, essential oil of neroli.
Against dandruff: vegetable oil of sapote, essential oils of Bay Saint-Thomas, cade, eucalyptus radiated, geranium, laurel, palmarosa, tea tree.
Against forked hair: essential oil of lavender.
 Benefits of Argan Oil for the Face


It is known for its anti-aging virtues, due to the many antioxidants it contains. On the face, you can use it at night to fight against skin aging and regenerate the skin. During the day, argan oil will protect your skin (and your lips) from external aggressions. You can quite add a few drops of argan oil to your usual cream.


Against wrinkles: essential oil of cistus, rose and rosewood.
In case of chapped lips: essential oil of rosemary.
Against acne: essential oil of geranium.
 Benefits of Argan Oil for Nails


Applied directly to the nails,it  has the effect of strengthening them. It is therefore particularly indicated in case of brittle nails. You can simply dip your nails regularly in a bath of argan oil. Another solution used by Moroccan women: coat your nails with a mixture of argan oil and lemon juice then put on food gloves and leave to act all night.


To fortify the nails: organic lemon juice, lemon essential oil and Ylang-Ylang essential oil.
How to choose argan oil?

Be sure to choose an organic, 100% pure, virgin and natural argan oil, but also cold pressed. Be careful not to confuse food oil with cosmetic oil. It is the subject of a PGI – Protected Geographical Indication, so opt for an oil that bears this name.

Where to buy argan oil?

In specialist and organic stores, in parapharmacy and on the Internet, always checking its composition.


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