Baby bag for women

Baby bag for women

Baby bag for women
If your baby bag’s room is not ready, if you do you are not yet equipped with a pram, a car bed … do not worry, it’s not very serious, you still have time .

You’re still in shape, it’s time to do, without exhausting,  your last shopping  in order to buy baby bag.

The list of essential baby bag:

Your maternity likely provide you with a list of small equipment and clothing you need to bring on the birth of your child. Some tips may still prove useful. First think about the comfort of your child. Prefer cotton to synthetic fiber, loose clothing to adjusted shirts. Banish ribbons and other nodes to necklines, both for convenience and for safety. Similarly if you are very happy to dress your child with your own lifejackets your mother carefully guarded for 30 years, avoid those that are closed with safety pins. Remember that your child will be very sensitive to temperature changes. Even if you give birth in the summer slip into his bag some warm clothes.

For the dressing :

5 or 6 cotton jackets (1 per day maternity) or 5 or 6 body;

5 sleepers;

3 pajamas;

2 wool sweaters;

Slippers or socks;


2 or 3 bibs;

A cotton diaper.

A board, some brands offer size “Birth”, are incorporating not only in her wardrobe that size. Your child will grow and three months will go quickly to him.

For baby toilet:

2 towels;

1 elastic band to the navel;

A mild soap solution (preferred);

Oil of sweet almonds;

1 anti-redness cream;

saline pods;

Alcohol 60 ° pods.

The layers are in principle provided by the maternity, nevertheless ask the question during your visits.

For your approval to both:

Remember to slip into her bag:

plush or soft toy that you have chosen him to brighten her crib;

his book of birth in which you can note its first expressions …

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