Baby hearing development
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Baby hearing development

Before coming to the world, baby hearS. Researchers now agree that hearing perceives sounds between the fifth and eighth month. From there to consider it as an end music lover, is not passed soon …

At seven months of uterine development, the fetus hearing  sounds and noises. It then responds by movements in external sound stimuli when they are sufficiently intense to cover the noise inherent cardiovascular and digestive activities of the mother.

The memory of hearing

Baby and hearing These auditory sensations are transmitted at the beginning that through bone conduction because the ear canals are clogged with wax. It seems that these noises are recorded in the memory of the child. During the last six months of pregnancy, women read aloud a story for children several times a day. After birth, the young listeners demonstrated a strong preference for the text even read by another reader as their mother. Similar experiments have used readings, songs or various musics. John Feijoo highlighted the conditioning of the fetus from the sounds to the 5th month of pregnancy (with the example of the bassoon air of Peter and the Wolf, symbolizing the grandfather, whose notes have a lower frequency to 1000 hertz). Beyond the confirmation of prenatal hearing these experiences lend themselves to future baby symbol amazing abilities. For some researchers, the fetus starts learning to speak at the 7 th month of intrauterine life.

A preference for bass

From birth, the newborn detects sound objects, directs his head and eyes in their direction and is able to discriminate some of their properties. It is very sensitive to rhythmic and melodic characteristics of sound sequences. The child is stimulated by low sounds by the treble.

For Decasper and Fifer, infants less than three days distinguish their mother’s voice from a foreign female voice. According to Jacques Mehler, the newborn recognizes the voice of his mother at the end of the first month. For White, this ability to identify the voice of his mother among those other women occurs only about 4 or 5 months.

Most babies hear “better” when they are quiet, woke up, they do not cry nor suck. If noise, the newborn eyelids blink, cry, provides a Moro reflex *, suspend his breathing and interrupts his feeding, etc. If stirred a musical toy in the dark, the newborn tip the hand in the right direction. This behavior disappears after a few months. Initially, the view seems secondary since between two stimuli, the visual, the other sound, the baby looks to the second. By 9 months, it is the opposite.

Diced 3 or 4 months, the infant turns his head towards the source of the noise. At 32 weeks, it answers the call of his name. At 36 weeks, he mimics the sounds produced by his mother. The child of 9 to 12 months understands the meaning of several words.

Medically, the hearing of the newborn can be checked in case of doubt, by the search for oto-emissions. If necessary, an electroencephalogram (E.E.G), electromyography (E.M.G.) or electrocochleogram can be practiced.

* If the pediatrician grabbed the newborn by both hands, slightly raises the level of the bed then let go suddenly, it triggers a movement of the extension arm (abduction), with open hands, a cry and a gesture of embrace by closing the arms. This is the Moro reflex, which can also be caused by pulling sharply on the feet or by causing a sudden noise.

Babies are all music lovers

According to psychologists at the University of Wisconsin (USA), all babies have “perfect pitch”. By changing a musical sequence slightly, the researchers found that adult subjects may not notice a difference when babies succeed. According to Prof. Jenny Saffran, who led the study, this option would allow the child to succeed the incredible feat to learn language unlike other animal species. Growing up, this power would be lost simply because it is not useful to our daily lives. Only people maintaining the learning music or a musically rich language at a very young age, retain this right.


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