Baby shower: use!

Baby shower: use!

Baby shower: use!
The baby shower is the newcomer of Overseas mode.  The opportunity to receive tons of baby gifts! Tips for organizing your own.

Cover baby gifts, even before it is born, it is the principle of the baby shower. But this festival is also an excuse to get together with women and talk about the future birth.

Baby shower: a fashion made in USA

Baby Shower As the name suggests, the “baby shower” comes from the Anglo-Saxon countries. The term means shower because it is a gift for the baby deluge.

This holiday is a bit parallel to the maiden bachelor party (which also comes from the Americans and which also calls itself “Bridal Shower”): the idea is to get together with girls before the long-awaited event to exorcise his fears and receive advice from friends who already have children.
Often, they are the friends of the mother who organized the party. If initially the baby shower concerned only the first born, it is now organized for all children. There are even baby showers for adoptions.

For the success of the baby shower

The baby shower is held one month before the planned term. The tradition is clear: only women are invited, and the mother receives without her beloved, asked to go somewhere else that day. Men are not allowed to stay, even if the rule seems a little less followed in recent years.
In France, the baby shower is the opportunity to meet and discuss. In the US, we often organize games around the baby’s arrival: guess the birth date, assess the belly around the mummy, taste unlabeled small bribes to guess the flavor, change of speed test layers on dolls (filled with chocolate spread) …
To you to give free rein to your imagination! You can also opt for a themed baby shower. In any case, remember to provide a true taste: hot and cold drinks, cakes …


What gifts for the future baby?

Besides meeting with friends, the concept of baby shower is sure to offer plenty of gifts to the mother and the unborn baby. To avoid the risk of duplication and even specify what you want, you have the option to file a real list at certain stores or on online shopping sites. But you can also leave the entire initiative to your guests.

In general, we consider that the baby bath is for less useful gifts and more playful or funny for mom and baby. All objects that are more directly baby’s arrival are traditionally offered after birth … Everything is allowed as long as it makes fun!

Finally, remember that the key is to get together and have a good time. Gifts are not an absolute obligation. Moreover you can decree that your baby shower will be without presents. Or why not take the opportunity to arrange a barter or garage sales special clothing, toys and accessories for baby?

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