Bacteria exists in tap water
Many unknown bacteria exist in tap water
Many unknown bacteria exist in tap water
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Bacteria exists in tap water

Swedish researchers have discovered that in one milliliter of water from the tap, there is an average of 80,000 bacteria. Fortunately, they are safe for health.

n France, the quality of tap water is regularly monitored by the Regional Health Agencies (ARS). Each year, 310,000 samples are taken in the field and collected samples undergo nearly 800 different tests (source:

But researchers at the University Lunch (Sweden) just revealed that in fact, tap water would not be as “clean” as you think. After studying (also) samples drawn directly into pipes, they concluded that the tap water contained about 80,000 bacteria per milliliter. Yes, you read correctly.

Many unknown bacteria

More surprising: if the scientists were able to classify most of these microorganisms in large “biological families” usual, some remain completely unknown – so unclassifiable. “An entire ecosystem has revealed to us: it’s unheard of,” said Catherine Paul, senior author of the study.


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