Be creative in your children room

Be creative in your children room

Be creative in your children room
Let’s go ! You have decided to decorate your children room. Treat yourself and give free rein to your artistic sense! Keep in mind that you will be more creative, more you will stimulate the imagination of your child.

The first years, your children  room will serve him well sleep and wonder. Unleash your imagination to play with colors and materials.

Practical advice

Some basic rules to follow if you want to get a harmonious whole.However ,you have to forget stereotypes and be creative by following these following rules during  creating your children room !

Rule # 1: Do not overload the decoration of this room. Leave open spaces to hang the creations of your children room;

Rule # 2: For the infant room, the presence of mobile hanging from the ceiling is indispensable. As often on the back, your baby gets bored if he has nothing to explore;

Rule # 3: From 24 months, create three universes that you can illustrate through posters. For instance Little Prince in front of the desk, The Sleeping Beauty over the bed and Picasso for creative play space …

Rule # 4: If you want to curtains, cushion covers and tablecloths, first choose the fabric of your choice. Then you think of the color of your walls.

Rule 5: Be aware that the hot, bright colors such as reds and oranges tend to excite. So use them with keys if your child is an excited temperament and prefer more soothing colors for the walls.

Have fun and discover the artist in you!

At every age  has its  own decoration:

Over the years, it will fit the decor and layout of the furniture  of your children room to their own tastes and needs. Over the years, the game space will expand and desk studies will need to make an appearance. it will be necessary to develop more creative play space and another to work .

Remember that your little  children room is also a secret garden, place of favorite phrase … then later, when the stick poster of his favorite singers on the walls, it will have to be patient and comprehension !

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