Beautiful biceps
Beautiful biceps

Beautiful biceps

Every woman wants to get a beautiful biceps. So,to work safely and avoid creating unnecessary tension in the back, lean against a wall, and avoid elbows aside the body.

Biceps: doing exercises!

Picking a pair of dumbbells palms up and bring up the thighs:

Standing, head in line with spine, feet apart (the width of the hips), knees slightly bent, output chest, back abdominals, bend elbows and raise the dumbbells up to the bust, a little ahead of body. Hold the position as you inhale, the wrists straight. Think relax the shoulders and keep your arms at your sides.
On an exhalation, tender dumbbells to shoulders. Drive must be straight, arms tight against your body, always maintaining the wrists straight. Hold the position for a few seconds, then inhale and return the weight to the starting position by avoiding too soft elbows.
Bending arm with dumbbell

Lift a dumbbell with your left hand, and sit on the edge of a bench, feet wide apart. Do not choose too heavy a burden, the risk of tiring the back at the end of the rehearsals is expected.

Bend the trunk, get abs, keep your back flat and your head in the axis of the spine:

On an inspiration, ask the forearm on the left thigh, right arm and hand, respectively, based on the right thigh and right knee, the wrist remains straight.
Return the weight to shoulder exhaling and keeping the back flat and wrist straight. Hold the position by contracting the biceps strong.
Inspire by unfolding the left arm to the starting position.
Run a series with the left arm and right arm. Think keep steady bust in order to do abdominal work to get better support.

You now have the card in hand! A you to draw you beautiful biceps!



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