Beware of International Adoption

Beware of International Adoption

Beware of International Adoption
See the big matter of international adoption and the part of being  scammed through this article.

The case of the Zoe’s Ark highlights the risks associated with international adoption, and the need to turn to trustworthy organizations to adopt abroad. How to be sure that the association to which it is addressed is reliable? What are the guarantees? … All our advice.

Every year in France, nearly 4000 children are adopted from foreign countries against 800 pupils from the Hexagon who find a family.

The case of the Zoe’s Ark and international adoption

International Adoption You have all heard of the case of Zoe’s Ark. This association promised to fetch orphans from Darfur, to make them welcome by French families. But in October 2007, the scandal broke: foster children are neither orphans nor from Darfur. They are a priori small Chadians entrusted by their parents to the association. Child abduction, neglect or naivety responsible? Until know, dozens of couples were deceived.

This case has a psychological impact on all couples who wish to adopt, but also may make it more difficult for international adoption, sparking a distrust of others face to face France countries.

The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption

Fortunately must emphasize that such abuses are rare. Because today, international adoption is governed by the Hague Convention, drafted in 1993 and entered into force in 1998 in France. More than 70 countries apply these rules to limit abuses. The main principles of this text are:

The child’s interest is paramount.

National adoption should always take precedence over international adoption, considered an “alternative” solution. It is always better for the child to be adopted by relatives or remain in their country of origin.

Agreements between countries should prevent any form of child or purchase of financial compensation.

Adoption can be done only through an approved organization (Authorized body for the adoption or French Agency for adoption).

Dies authorized for international adoption

To avoid problems and achieve adoption both safe and meets the interests of the child and the adoptive parents, so it is essential to give priority to official steps, passing through certified courses. The first possibility is thus to go through an authorized agency for adoption (OAA). Zoe’s Ark was not part of these organizations, which are certified by the government. The other option is to go through the French Agency for adoption. This already occurs in the 25 most active countries in this area, and offers a real support for adoptive couples.

Nevertheless, almost 45% of couples fear the delays associated with these intermediaries, and prefer to speak directly to nations that allow individual approaches. But more and more countries are close to this type of approach, including signing the Hague Convention.

Today, a mission on adoption has been entrusted to Jean-Marie Colombani, former president of Le Monde. Its conclusions are expected to make safer and more efficient adoption. Meanwhile, couples have to be patient: it takes a little more than 3 years on average between the application for approval and the arrival of a child in the home ….

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