Birch, ideal for a detox cure Spring
Birch, ideal for a detox cure Spring

Birch, ideal for a detox cure Spring

Birch is a plant that is full of virtues for the body and the human body. And if we took advantage of the arrival of spring to get a detox cure ?

Birch, tree Spring Detox

This fairly hardy tree grows mainly in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. It is always spring tree par excellence. Harvested at the beginning of the season, the leaves are then dried to be usually prepared by infusion, generally in infusion.

Their diuretic effect (which favors renal water excretion) is proven: that is why it dried leaf trades on the French and European Pharmacopoeia. Upon the arrival of spring, at the end of last frost, also harvesting it.  we consume pure and also has very sharp detox virtues (the sap is drainage). A real good gesture to ease the arrival of spring.


The five main virtues of the birch

Birch, whether leaves or sap, full of virtues for the body and the human body. Among his best known effects:
– Detox: It helps to remove toxins accumulated during the winter.
– Draining: It helps drainage and disposal of waste from the body.
– Slimming: It helps to fight against water retention and cellulite.
– Revitalizing: rich in antioxidants and vitamins, birch is an energy ally.
– Anti-rheumatic: It promotes joint flexibility.

Our three favorites radius birch cures

– The fresh birch sap Holiste Nature: on the order via the internet at a price of € 23 and € 40 for 1.5l 3l and stored in the fridge on receipt. She is drunk pure in three weeks of treatment. To start smoothly, you drink a glass (30 cl) fasting morning. For a starter Indeed, 50 cl of birch sap is drunk per day the first three days of the treatment.

– Weleda  Juice: made from dried leaves, it’s a must. 3 soup spoons diluted in 1.5 liters of water. Then drinks the mixture throughout the day. Available in pharmacies to € 9.60.

– The tea at Birch Farm Welfare: to prepare, is heated water, the first stirrings, the heat source is cut. We throw a good pinch of plant for a cup and allowed to infuse for 5-10 minutes (to taste). We filter and a bit before drinking it hot or cold sugar. To be ordered on the website, the € 3.80 30g sachet.

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