Blush products for your good looking
Blush products for your good looking
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Blush products for your good looking

Blush product has two functions: structuring the face and bring good mine. But how come face to many blushes available?

Choosing the appropriate beauty product to her complexion, her skin type, the desired effect, it is not simple. Fortunately, Miky, professional makeup artist for Lancome, gives us the instructions.

How to choose the texture of the blush?

How to choose a blush that have a matte finish or slightly satin suit all makeup. They give shine and allow you to play with matter. However, better ban pearly blush, especially if you have fine lines. They tend to score.

How to choose the color of her blush?

To find the perfect shade of his blush, it must refer to how one bronze summer.

If one is blond or brown, and the skin that was golden in the sun, we will use orange blush winter. One can vary the intensity, but the oranges are undoubtedly the most suitable good-looking shades. These solar shades save the skin golden and light are mine.

If one is very white skin, which is either red, brown or ashy blonde, and we flushed the summer, so we will use in the winter cold blushes pink, pastel, very soft, a little baby skin .

If one is matte skin with a Mediterranean complexion, we will build on an old pink (slightly bluish) perfect to give luster to the mines that pull towards yellow.

If you are confused ,  you have to use a fruity blush, orange or pink, which will bring the golden complexion.

If you have dark skin slightly bluish, we prefer the highly pigmented fuchsia. However if one has the warm brown skin black, we will opt for an orange-red poppy.

How to choose and apply the blush to the desired effect?

Choose and apply  its  own effect for sophisticated

To achieve a sophisticated makeup, using two two products, a first for “contouring” that is to say, support the facial structure with a flat brush, starting in the bone of the jaw towards the mouth . Then a second good-looking than the blush is applied just above this line by degrading it to the heart of the cheek.

Choose and apply its effect effect for blush ”BONNE MINE”

For a fresh makeup, choosing a blush fruity (orange, pink) that is applied with a round brush in a circular motion, since the bulging cheek towards the temples, without adding material.

Choose and apply it on”DOLL  EFFECTS”

To mark the maiden in bloom effect, which is taken up applying it by adding more material to the top of the temple.

Choose and apply it for its effect nude

The nude is a very natural makeup. For a clear finish, it relies on a good blushing product a shade lighter than her skin type. Pale pink, orange or taupe, it is applied with a flat brush, under the bulging of the cheek that one rises to the top of the face. Finally fade the material well until the color is based in complexion.


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