Body skin has various types
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Body skin has various types

We all have a very specific type of skin   and it is quite difficult to define as it evolves over time depending on age. but to choose a cosmetic with very specific assets, we must still define the physiology of our skin. Is it rather dry, oily, combination, sensitive?

Dry  skin

Body skin usually thin and beautiful, without pores, dry  body skin is nevertheless a source of tightness and discomfort. Less flexible than normal  body skin, it can become dull, be rough and will tend to blush. The reasons for dry skin are manifold. The stratum corneum water shortage, the hydrolipidic film located on the surface is too late and no longer protects the skin, sebum is missing … hence the need to compensate this dehydration by appropriate care for dry   skin every day. Cosmetics that nourish deep and restore skin suppleness and radiance.

Oily body  skin

Body Skin type Its grain is thicker, the pores are dilated and the general appearance of the skin is dull, fat and sleek. This type of skin is conducive to buttons and blackheads and excess sebum permanent long-term causes thickening of the horny layer. This skin can be both fat and out of water, that is to say be dehydrated. Oily  body skin is fragile and requires sensitive care needs. If mattifying serum blur and other creams are its allies, too abrasive products come on the contrary, can ignite and cause an increase sebum. Oily skin must be treated gently.

Combination skin

Dryer where the sebaceous glands are rare (temples, cheekbones and jaw), combination skin becomes fat on the midline of the face (forehead, nose and chin). It is difficult to choose her cosmetics. But good news, there is now cosmetic moisturizers that combine assets and rebalancing components to regulate the flow of sebum. Just as oily or dry skin, combination skin does not like too astringent cleansers and prefers cleansing milks, non-greasy moisturizers. If necessary, it is quite possible to apply a rich cream on the parts of the face where the skin is drier.

Sensitive body  skin

20% of women have a real problem of skin sensitive and 40% frequently experience tightness and discomfort. Dry, oily or combination, all  body skin can be sensitive. This results in unwanted redness, tingling and burning. Factors causing skin reactions in sensitive  body skin are numerous: the application of cosmetics, climatic variations, certain foods, stress and even water or simply rubbing clothes affect the sensitivity of the skin.

Cosmetic side appreciates the sensitive body skin unscented and hypoallergenic products to reduce the risk of allergy and mild cleansing lotions or even thermal water misters. The soothing and protective care microcirculation regulators are recommended. Discover our selection of facial skin creams sensitive tested and approved and our advice to choose for her sensitive skin cream.

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