Bootcamp testing of belly Flat
I tested the Bootcamp Belly Flat
I tested the Bootcamp Belly Flat

Bootcamp testing of belly Flat

We would like to lose belly flat before sunbathing in bikini. The melt (without dieting) request him used to make the right abs and eating better. A flat stomach Bootcamp offers a helping hand to motivate and engage the dynamics. I tested for you.


When I hear “bootcamp”, my brain understands commando training. Therefore, before completing Special Mission flat stomach, organized by TrucsDeNana #BootcampTDN -a female webzine participatif- I already had the abs hurt just thinking about it. The program was announced in charge: 1:45 exercises to strengthen his tummy before an exchange with a nutrition specialist. Although qu’habituée in sport and particularly abs, I wondered how I was going to be eaten sauce.

Appointment to know a Saturday morning at the Zoological Gardens in Boulogne (92), the Paris green lung, preferred terrain joggers. We are more than 60 participants, decked out with a jersey like marathoners and more or less ready to fight. Before leaving, sports coaches and Lucile Woodward Marine Leleu (partipante Ironman, triathlon held in Japan on June 7) take care to ask “bootcampeuses” if they have any particular health problems, come from have a child or have not done any sport for a long time. Some hands go up in the assembly every time. A reassuring fact: my friends are not all of bigorexiques, the mood should be good child.

Completed presentations is started at a trot with a running, just to warm up the machine. This little world suddenly stops on the grass to get into the heart of the matter: the first abdominal exercises. Far from being military, the movements are gentle and focused on breathing, for biasing the transverse, the deepest muscle abs. Plus it’s slow it’s more effective we are we launched. Options are available for those who have difficulties to realize movement.  rolls and crunches, balance work. We did not mind getting dirty.

Spirit of sporting camaraderie

Then we leave in running until the next clearing, seeming out of Little House on the Prairie. Room for abdominal strengthening exercises duo. A good idea to chat sweating the shirt. More fun but not necessarily easier. We laugh, we also face. We feel that it works around the navel. Then restart jogging. Again. “This alternation of cardio and strength training is most effective to sculpt her silhouette” we-they explain. Above all, it gives some respite to our midsection.

Last stop for a final effort: a sheath challenge … 20 minutes. We must take as long as possible. Those who fail are eliminated. I’m lapped to “board” in gym, I flickers and fights to keep. Withdraws when I become too acrobatic postures.

Tips for staying motivated home

Sports game is over, we congratulate our abs that have worked well. Coaches give us some tips to keep momentum going home flat stomach. These tricks are accompanied form good dietary advice from a nutritionist. It thus reminds us that to avoid the “balloon”, we should focus on high-fiber foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains) and keep the fruits for snacks between meals.
We leave full of good resolutions and happy to have met the challenge. Sport accessible to all, user-friendliness and good advice. And if that was it, the recipe for a good Bootcamp?

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