Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation
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Breast augmentation

Breast surgery is an act of aesthetic surgery. The increased volume of the breasts by breast augmentation  is practiced by plastic surgeons. For safe and rapid healing, some recommendations are given:

1) Eat healthily

Power must be balanced. Dietary supplements containing these nutrients can effectively help you in everyday life.

2) Avoid overly aggressive exercise

By increasing the flow and blood pressure, the tissues can be affected. It is recommended not to have sex for three weeks.

3) Rapidly detect potential complications

The surgeon must be informed of any developments. He must be able to react and adapt its treatment as soon as possible.

4) Observe the wound carefully

It is recommended not to take hot shower. The hot water may cause swelling of the operated area. Also ; avoid direct facing of  jet of warm water on the scar.

5) Wear holding bra

Sports bras are ideal. They reduce the movement and swinging the chest.

6) Resting, sleep well

Studies have shown that sleep is the best medicine against the pain (is that breast augmentation painful?). It promotes wound healing (any scar for breast augmentation?). For better blood circulation, must sleep on your back in a slightly reclined position.

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