Breast lipofilling for breast augmentation
breast lipofilling
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Breast lipofilling for breast augmentation

Breast lipofilling, performed by a Cosmetic Surgeon in Paris is a reliable and safe surgery. The operation breast augmentation by fat injection in breast or breast lipofilling consists of fat injection to increase the volume of breasts.

1) What is breast lipofilling?

Lipofilling of the breasts is a cosmetic surgery that involves the reinjection of the patient’s own fat in the breasts. This increases the breast size. It is a natural technique without inserting foreign bodies.

2) No-one directly inject the fat taken?

Fat, once taken must be carefully prepared before being re-injected into the breasts. When the cosmetic surgeon removes fat, it is unclean. Purification is achieved by filtration fat. It is finally pure fat that will be re-injected into the mammary area with fine cannulas. The breasts and gaining volume and contour.

3) How long does a breast lipofilling?

The intervention of breast augmentation injection of hard fat between 1am and 3am.

4) Can we do a breast lipofilling outpatient?

It is sometimes possible. Depending on the areas to be removed, the clinical length of stay is more than 1 night.

5) What type of anesthesia for breast augmentation by lipofilling? Is a breast lipofilling painful?

Breast augmentation is usually performed under general anesthesia. The patient is asleep and not feel anything during the procedure.

Reinjection of fat in the breasts is usually painless. However, there can be pain in sampling areas of fat. Patients often describe them as “large body aches. “Appropriate analgesics are then prescribed. The operation takes place under general anesthesia, so you will feel nothing during the operation.

6) What outcome expected from a breast lipofilling?

Provided that sufficient fat to be removed, the breast enlargement obtained is generally from 100 to 250cc, ie a cap or two. The fat can be more difficult to integrate into breast implants beyond these volumes.

7) Is the injected fat in the breasts remains permanently?

The reinjected fat should “take”, ie it must be integrated into the body. This is a fat grafting. This process takes 3-6 months to be stable. The acquired result is sustainable after 6 months, apart from significant weight changes.

8) What are the risks of breast lipofilling?

Performed by a surgeon qualified in plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic in a clinic approved for cosmetic surgery, breast lipofilling is a controlled action. Like any surgery complications are rare but possible, they are detailed in the fact sheet of the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and will be explained in the consultation. Well managed, a complication leaving little or no trace. The postoperative follow-up is essential. Dr Louafi itself ensures the operating of his patients post monitoring.

9) What are the indications against a breast lipofilling? Are there any age limit for a breast lipofilling?

We must avoid making lipofilling breast if breast cancer history or the personal or family ovary, atypical breast lesions to breast screening ranked AC3 or more, a history of chest irradiation.

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