Breastfeeding guide

Breastfeeding guide

Breastfeeding guide
When wean baby, how to reduce the number of feedings and bottle-feeding? The stopping breastfeeding requires as much knowledge as its starting. Here are 5 tips for a peaceful withdrawal.

If the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding baby for at least the first 6 months, some women continue to feed their child in the past 3 months. Whether through lack of time or because they want to involve dad, breastfeeding can be difficult to take over the months. Weaning can be a difficult time for both mother and baby. Recognize and choose the right time to go smoothly, talking to baby and involve dad should help you make the transition between your breast and bottle.

Baby Weaning: choose the right time

When and how to wean According Leche League 1, only 57% of women breastfeeding in maternity continue until 3 months baby, which corresponds more or less to return to work. At 6 months, they are no more than 26% at 1 year, only 3%.

Yet, the whom recommends that infants are exclusively breastfed for six months and then continue as long as possible. But do not feel guilty if you can not do it. After all, breastfeeding leave was abolished in 1975 and only few collective agreements provide additional leave for mothers who give breast. Finally, perhaps do not have one just like it.

There is no point to breastfeed in the constraint. Similarly, assume your desire to breastfeeding  despite the long eyes of others. So choose the start date of withdrawal based on your feelings. If you really really want to go and you should definitely resume work, you can also collect your milk and constitute baby bottles.

Take time to wean baby

In general, it takes a month to complete the withdrawal. For example, you can remove a feeding every week. But everything depends on women, babies and the quantities of milk product then do not hesitate to adjust the situation to you.

Wait a little longer if your breasts are too painful. This is gradually reducing the stresses that the volume of milk will drop.

Do not pull your milk, it would stimulate the secretion. However, you can massage under warm water to relieve tension or wear pads to avoid overflows day.

On the contrary, accelerate the withdrawal if you feel it is possible. Start eg remove the feeding of the middle of the afternoon, then the mid-morning and evening ones, noon and finally the morning (often the most important). Know that you can hold one or two titties day long if this suits you.

Offer good bottle

At each feeding less, offer a small bottle of baby milk (age-appropriate). For quantities, trust the recommendations based on the weight of the child appearing on boxes and readjust depending on the appetite of your child. If it is very greedy, it may be that the next feeding as jumps or no longer serve to reassure baby.

Choose a bottle adapted to his age with a low-flow teat whose shape mimics that of your best breast. Lightly warm the milk to make it at the same temperature as yours. A small bib can be useful at first … In case of digestive problems (infant milk digests less), do not hesitate to change the milk to see which one is best.

Associate the meal to cuddle

The first time you give him the bottle, tell baby what you do to change it perceives not be afraid. Install it as usual in your arms or on the nursing pillow.

Remember to take breaks and cuddling baby but also to make a burp (babies swallow more air while drinking from a bottle). He has not used his meal either fast or dad even feeds him if he insists finally participate! In his mind, eating is still associated with your heat, your skin, your voice … In short, do not disturb too quickly habits.

Dealing with small difficulties

Baby cries more than usual: it may be that he needs to suck “for fun” and to be reassured during this first step towards autonomy. Offer him a pacifier, finger or the calm in the bearing by rocking …
Baby can not suckle the bottle correctly: change nipple model, try several times a day without forcing it, do not lose patience, it will eventually get there.
Baby refuses the bottle and tries to suck your breast: in this case, explain calmly that have breast later, now he must also eat “like a big”.
If nothing works, you can ask a third party to give him his meals (father, grandmother, for example) so that it gets used. After all, you have fulfilled this role only from the beginning …

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