Brushes of makeup
How to clean makeup brushes ?
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Brushes of makeup

To make them last longer and prevent pimples on the face, we take care of her makeup brushes. The right actions to take.

If it maintains its good makeup brushes, they can last for years without needing to change them. Then we follow the guide!

Brushes for makeup complexion

For use of foundation, brush synthetic hair is most suitable: they indeed prevent the growth of bacteria. To apply blush powder and is used in contrast brushes with natural bristles: the first should be wide and the second smallest and beveled. For the Anti identifies, 90% of those applying it with your fingers.

To make it last: after each use, it cleans its foundation brush with water and soap (shower gel or soap matter that much foam). We certainly do not zap this step if the material is piled up, the brush becomes dirty and it is ensured button. We made it to dry in the open, flat on a towel.

Brushes for makeup eyes

Ideally, to makeup eyes, it needs three brushes, two for degrading the shadow and the last, shorter, to draw the line of eyeliner along the lash. These brushes with natural bristles must be of good quality to distribute the best color pigments in our eyes. And indispensable, a small brush to brush the eyebrow.

To make it last: no need to go under water but it all should be well disinfected after each use. Is sprayed disinfectant spray (there are specific lotions directly from the brands of make up but the 70 ° alcohol or cologne can also very well be the case) on a tissue and wiped brushes until the color is fully part. It gives the hair the right way and allowed to dry in the open air and flat.

The small eyebrow brush is cleaned daily with disinfectant and spray occasionally with soap and water, especially when using fixing products (eg the gel) that can clog.

Brushes for makeup lips

No need to have many, a good lip brush synthetic hair that is enough.To make it last, it cleans just the same way as the brush for foundation: after use the hair rubbed with it.

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