Bulletproof diet
Bulletproof diet

Bulletproof diet

It’s the new regime a hit in the United States: Bulletproof diet ( “regime in all tests”), based on coffee. But not any coffee, coffee mix-butter-oil to replace the breakfast.

With Bulletproof diet, we will “not hungry”, “no cravings,” promises its creator Dave Asprey. Better yet: “The Bulletproof diet stimulates the brain, energy, makes you a better worker, a better father, a better person,” it said on the website dedicated to this new regime that is more and more ‘followers in the US.

A drink coffee butter-oil to replace breakfast

At the heart of this strange program consists of a coffee drink without mycotoxins (micro-fungi that can develop during fermentation), butter and oil without triglycerides, taken in the morning instead of breakfast. The recipe was inspired by her tea yak butter that consume some Tibetan populations, he would have seen the benefits on a trip to Tibet in 2004 while he himself was very affected by the altitude.

Drink this “coffee” in the morning inhibit the feeling of hunger, stimulate the brain with caffeine (so no need to sugar for energy, according to Dave Asprey) and would eliminate cravings. The metabolic activation and no snacking between meals would thus be the winning combination of this diet to help in weight loss.

An unbalanced diet, even dangerous

If the promise is enticing, especially in a country like the United States, or nearly a third of the population is obese, it remains completely disconnected from reality, or even “dangerous” according Aurélie Guerri, dietician-nutritionist. The objective of Bulletproof diet is to reach caloric intake from “good fat” at 50-60%, 20% protein and vegetables to the rest. “These inputs are unbalanced from the recommendations, which are to consume 50-55% carbohydrates of good quality,” explains dietician or carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.

Another point of imbalance: the fiber present in very low calorie allocation Dave Asprey. “This diet lacks fiber that are essential, says Aurélie Guerri. Their protective effect against cardiovascular disease and even certain cancers has been demonstrated on numerous occasions.” The Bulletproof diet could be harmful to health according to the expert, because of “deficiencies and shortages of inputs” of essential nutrients.

The effectiveness of the  Bulletproff  diet questioned

What about the effect of weight loss? “It is quite possible that people observe a fast weight loss with this diet, as with any single dietary or very restrictive, says dietician. He can walk on the short term but not long-term . the only solution for weight loss that is maintained over time is the food rebalancing. ” Either eat everything, reducing calories if needed, at the right time of day and reasoned quantities.

Especially since delete breakfast to benefit  the coffee of butter oil drink goes against the recommendations of nutritionists, as recalled Aurélie Guerri: “I would not recommend at all to remove this meal, which is essential for the body to recharge after night. ” If the miracle drink advocated by Dave Asprey certainly bring some energy, it is only thanks to the stimulating effect of caffeine. “The fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and vitamins can also play this role. And are increasingly a source of energy much better,” concludes the dietician.

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