Calcium supplements increase the risk of myocardial
Calcium supplements

Calcium supplements increase the risk of myocardial

 The relationship between calcium supplements  and the risk of cardiovascular problems has a great debate in our community and wordwide as well.

To do this they used data from a large intervention study who had observed the impact of calcium supplements with vitamin D and calcium in more than 36,000 postmenopausal women. Their results were published in the prestigious British Medical Journal.

By observing the total calcium intake , the researchers found only a modest contribution (around 800 mg per day) reduces the risk of heart attack by 31% compared to people who consume little calcium.

However, by examining the impact of supplementation itself, they found that those who use a food supplement regularly have 86% more likely to have a heart attack than those who did not take. This risk further increases in those who consume a lot of calcium without vitamin D supplementation and

The researchers’ conclusion is clear: “This study suggests that increasing dietary calcium intake confers no significant benefit for cardiovascular health and that calcium supplements may increase the risk of heart attack.” then “A reassessment of the role of calcium supplements in osteoporosis treatment is necessary.”

Indeed, evidence is accumulating to move towards a single conclusion that calcium supplements are ineffective to prevent fractures, cancer, cardiovascular disease or to lose weight.

Finally,Dietary supplements and  calcium supplementation can often be dangerous for health, to avoid traps.

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