Carbohydrates is good at the right time
carbohydrates : GI good at the right time

Carbohydrates is good at the right time

 To improve its perfs and Recycling and give a boost to his weight loss if it is from this perspective . it is advantageous to select its carbohydrates according to a specific timing.

Since the 1980s, carbohydrates are presented as the fuel of the athlete. This is true, but to be qualified, however. “Carbohydrates are used to make glycogen, the storage form of carbohydrates and essential source of energy for muscle contraction. If there is more glycogen is out of gas, “says Anthony Berthou, nutritionist specialist sport. “However, it was far too focused our attention on carbs at the expense of all other nutrients that are also involved in the effort. “Carbohydrates for sports, yes, but above all good carbs at the right time!

Good use sugar every day

Generally, the low GI strategy remains the best practice when a sport, especially if it is to get rid of a few kilos. A study has also shown that limiting the brutal elevations insulin levels (due to the consumption of foods high GI), a diet favoring carbohydrates like lentils and other pulses (or low GI) s ‘accompanied by an increased use of lipids and relative savings of muscle glycogen during exercise. Translation: you burn more fat during exercise and can be continued longer, so it’s all benef!

I eat anything before a session?

It all depends on the daily diet, frequency and intensity of sport and productive.

  • If you follow a healthy low carb diet, a small snack one hour to 1 hour 30 minutes before training including a carbohydrate low GI food means is recommended in order to receive an energy boost. “We must find the right balance between the impact on blood sugar and digestive comfort by avoiding too hard fibers that can cause digestive disorders in the effort,” says our expert. Objective filled with a handful of oilseeds (almonds, walnuts) and a peeled and seeded fruit. This low GI strategy would also increase the maximum duration of effort. That at least is what an English study showed that compared the cycling performance of two groups of sedentary women: some have taken before the meeting a carbohydrate diet high GI, low GI others. Result: the low GI group pedaled an average of 67.4 minutes, against only 48.9 minutes for the high GI group.


  • If there is weight loss, “a snack of 30 g oilseed taken 1 hour before exercise helps boost weight loss. Meanwhile, we favor a low-intensity effort and rather long, “recommends the pro. However for intense effort, his batteries are recharged with a medium GI food such as 1/2 ripe banana taken 30 minutes before the meeting.



  • From the perspective of performance, high GI snack before exercise is a strategy adopted by many athletes. “You will have to rely on easily digestible snacks, such as fruit paste or a well-chosen energy drink, and take 10 to 15 minutes before exercise, as this will cause little variation in blood glucose during exercise. Took one hour to 30 minutes before exercise, however, this may cause reactive hypoglycemia, albeit not very strong but still avoid a performance goal, “advises nutritionist.

That take during exercise?


For an output running or fitness hour session, no need to have an intake of carbohydrates during exercise. Water to hydrate enough. “Unless we make a diet with a diet low in carbohydrates, in which case a small intake of carbohydrates with drinking very dilute effort may be advisable to offset the lack of glycogen and avoid hypoglycemia in effort “, says Anthony Berthou. For longer efforts (3-4 hours), a carbohydrate intake medium or high GI is needed throughout the effort to maintain energy. “You have to choose the easily digestible: a drinking well formulated effort, 1/2 fruit paste or 1/2 ripe banana, for example,” advises pro.

And during recovery?


Again, it all depends on the purpose. In weight loss strategy , it is interesting to take a little GI carbs means after the session to redo a glycogen well underway by the regime: 20 g of dried fruit (grape, apricot) or 1/2 are perfectly ripe banana case.

As part of a fun and healthy sport, need to take a snack of Recycling whether lunch or dinner comes within one hour of the session. “During this meal, we will ensure a carbohydrate intake with food for low GI, such as legumes,” recommends nutritionist. If the meal is a little later, a small snack medium GI (ripe banana, raisins) helps replenish energy by waiting. As part of an intensive sport, if the performance or intended for a specific event, the strategy is different: “After the effort, we will provide consistently high GI carbs for 2-3 hours to to benefit from the metabolic window suitable for recovery. It is important to rebuild its glycogen stores, recover faster and thus be able to link the drives, “says our expert.


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