Carbon dioxide is the new makeover
Carbon dioxide, the new makeover?
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Carbon dioxide is the new makeover

Carbon dioxide is the new makeover  that has great benefits and it need to be fully known.

But do you know carboxytherapy? A little more confidential, this technique involves injecting carbon dioxide released into the tissues. Objective: to offer a second life to your skin.

Although carbon dioxide is used in aesthetic medicine since the 90s, its use in the general medical field dates back to 30. At this time, carbon dioxide is used in the treatment of arterial disease of the legs, including spa, as it improves the blood supply.

Carboxytherapy, the principle

Carboxytherapy Carboxytherapy is “practicing injections of small amounts of carbon dioxide by subcutaneous route” explains Dr. Khalifa, anti-aging physician. The gas injected using tiny needles has a “effect on the microcirculation and therefore acts on the dermis and increasing its elasticity” continues the practitioner. CO2 by this action on the microcirculation improves oxygenation of tissues.

Carboxytherapy ensures the rejuvenation of the skin, with this technique the youthful skin is reactivated.

Carboxytherapy, treated areas and results

As emphasized Dr. Khalifa, “with carboxytherapy, working on sagging skin. It is not a wrinkle filler technique, strictly speaking” even if it attenuated still some. Using carbon dioxide, anti-aging physicians can work on the distended tissues of the face, neck, chest, belly of the inner thighs and arms: short all areas where over time the skin tends to loosen. With a special mention for the eye contour where carboxytherapy is very effective. “With carboxytherapy, it greatly reduces wrinkles around the eyes because it is a very fine area. And with the carbon dioxide is taken on the dermis and wrinkles are plumped as” explains Dr. Khalifa.

This technique has real power stimulating the dermis. And after “a dozen sessions for the face” skin is firmer, kick remarkable brilliance. “You do not treat a wrinkle, treating a face as a whole,” the practitioner. These carbon dioxide injections play a role in “the tone and firmness of the dermis. They therefore improve the quality of skin of the face.”

Firmness, tone and radiance, carboxytherapy helps breathe new life to the beauty of the face. And by the fourth treatment session, the first results are visible. However, once your 20 years found, it will meet with a booster injection every 2 to 3 months. Because even if the “results last longer, up to 8 months, skin aging is ongoing,” said Dr. Khalifa.

Carboxytherapy, benefits and side effects

For Dr. Khalifa, the main advantage of carboxytherapy is that “this method is safe and virtually painless.” The injected gas is removed by the body naturally and “no added product, it is only the gas. So we have no allergy risk,” he reassures.

And side effects matter, except “very few small bruises and redness at the injection sites,” nothing serious is feared. Doctors use sterile tools and even if too large dose, “will be seen swelling in the area but subside. And anyway, using very precise machines that deliver only the necessary amount.” Furthermore, carbon dioxide is removed by the body, “there is no gas supply in the connective tissues, no risk of overcharging.”

For a younger face after your injection session lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, you can return to your normal activities. “Patients are remaquillent and leave right after. We can even perform these injections of carbon dioxide in the summer, there are no cons-indications related to sun exposure.” However, if the technique appears safe, pregnant women and people with progressive pathologies can not perform this type of injection, but this is mostly of “precautions”.

Carboxytherapy is a minimally invasive technique, that only doctors are allowed to practice. We can start making injections from 35 years as soon as the first signs of aging appear. Because as stated Dr. Khalifa, “earlier you start the more you avoid the stress of aging. Otherwise we will have to use much more care.” And if not age too quickly, carboxytherapy was our new ally?

Thanks to Dr Pierre Khalifa, President of the French Society of Carboxytherapy for its information.

The doctor’s advice:

Although used for decades, including spa treatments, injections of CO2 subcutaneous or intradermal have not yet been the subject of rigorous scientific studies demonstrating efficacy, particularly in the aesthetic field. Good tolerability is confirmed yet and it seems, in view of the few published works that the stimulating effect on the microcirculation is real. However further studies are required for this technique can really claim to efficacy claims, particularly on facial rejuvenation.

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