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Beauty Tips

Summer makeup advices

In summer, our desires and our makeup needs change. Textures waterproof and ultra-fine materials: we give you our tips for a nice summer makeup. In summer we...

Beauty Tips

Brushes of makeup

To make them last longer and prevent pimples on the face, we take care of her makeup brushes. The right actions to take. If it maintains its good makeup...

Beauty Tips

Frizzy hair care

Frizzy hair require maximum attention and care. Frizzy, curly, curly, braided and even relaxed. It is important to maintain the afros for the hair remains...

Beauty Tips

Oily hair guide

Oily hair is a sort of  hair that need to be washed and take care of it.That’s why, i write this article to enrich how you can deal with oily hair. How...

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