Charcoal: New beauty recipe
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Charcoal: New beauty recipe

The charcoal is  a natural recipe for skin’s beauty and the best healthy recipe for your skin in order to make more charming and  beautiful.

the charcoal is an effective recipe beauty for skin and it is  essential for many people with bowel dysfunction. Taken supplementation, improves wellbeing and fight against intestinal bloating. But beyond the health interest, activated charcoal also has an aesthetic interest. Some labs do not hesitate to include it in specific treatments such as masks.

Despite its black color, it is wrong to accuse him of pollutant. Instead, integrated care, coal turns out to be a big boost to purify skin smothered in environmental pollutants and toxins, but also to eliminate toxins embedded in the epidermis.

We can enjoy this one is naturel ally smoker prone to stress, pimples and blackheads to purify and detoxify the skin.

If present in masks, soaps, scrubs, is also found in powder form in the specialized shops natural cosmetics. It is then possible to make home beauty recipes as peeling mask regenerating effect.

Recipe mask “peel-off” detoxifying coal


A base for peel-off mask

1-2 teaspoons of activated charcoal

90 mL water


Mix the powders and add water stirring vigorously to obtain a homogeneous paste.

Apply immediately thick, homogeneous layer, leave on for 5-10 minutes then remove the mask by a piece by lifting it from the bottom or sides of the face.

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