Choose baby clothes

Choose baby clothes

Choose baby clothes
One of the great pleasures of parents and a baby around is to choose  baby clothes clothes that will dress their tiny little princess.What  baby clothes are age-appropriate? Sizes, materials, comfort … Tips to choose well.

Romper, bodysuit, sleepsuit, rompers, jacket, … the baby clothes are vast. Each age correspond models combining comfort, charm and time saving for parents.

What materials for baby clothes?

baby clothes The natural and breathable fabrics, linen and cotton, are most suitable for babies. The best fabric remains pure cotton base cloth children’s clothing. Pro Tip: choose a soft cotton, for example, a very soft cotton. Many brands now offer organic cotton. Pajamas sponge held well babies warm. Avoid synthetic materials could cause skin irritation or allergy (especially if the presence of chlorine and formaldehyde). In addition, plastics are sweat.

Baby clothes: the right size

Sizes, it’s more complicated. All brands have their size system. Some cut big, others small. Depending on the country, the sizes are different: the clothes manufactured in Germany and the Nordic countries are often greater than in France. Vendors say that, overall, baby clothes size small. Also, it is advisable to take a size up or even two sizes above some shops. In particular, do not buy too many clothes in size 0 (birth) or one month: some babies can wear two or three weeks! In general, we find for 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 months. Some brands are intermediate sizes: 1, 9 and 18 months for example.

The first age: comfortable, practical baby  clothes

For small children, the key word, “it’s convenient”. You have to choose clothes with attachment facilities: pressure or knots closure. therefore prefer the bodys that close “crossed in front” with small knot or pressure and sleep-well (pajamas in one part, with feet, often velvet), combinations, sleepers (sort of fairly light pajamas with feet) and rompers to pressure on the back and crotch. It is essential to be able to access the diaper of a child without undressing completely. Hearts hides are easy to take on and off also. It is better to buy clothes that are strung without going over the baby’s head, especially up to two months.

If you take T-shirts and bodysuits that go through your head, they must be easy slip-: the best is yet to choose an American called neckline because it can spread easily. Essential especially for very small with a fragile neck. If you want to your little bundle of joy pants, choose the good elastic waist. The more comfortable for the night? Pyjamas. And for the day, a onesie featuring a bra or a romper over a bodysuit with short sleeves in hot weather.

The wardrobe of 6 to 24 months

From 6-12 months, you can choose buttoned or zippered clothes. To you the little sweaters, long trousers in cotton or jeans. Remember, however, to promote those that provide both comfort, warmth and ease of maintenance. For comfort, the clothes should be wide and easy to put on and remove. The overalls are ideal for baby’s first steps. Note: the shoes are useless before the child walk. However, you can exceptionally baby shoes, but with something very soft, without rigid sole. We must think of the first pair of shoes when the child begins to start to walk alone. It will at that time choose a shoe that retains the flexibility of the ankle, with a non-slip sole. Baby foot should be protected and respected by choosing a suitable model and designed for it.

From 12 months, the wardrobe is expanding. Choose resistant  baby clothes and remember that children begin to want to dress only: take clothes with distinctive signs on the front for easy identification: briefs with only a small pattern on the front, t-shirt, sweatshirt shirt and sweater with logos front, collars orwith small zips. Avoid buttons, zippers, belts, braces and prefer pants or dresses with drawstrings, elastic around the waist or scratch.

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