Choosing the right stroller

Choosing the right stroller

Choosing the right stroller
The stroller is essential for outings with baby. A fan of long walks or unconditional user of public transport, every lifestyle is a model. Our tips for choosing unerringly.

Choosing a stroller platforms, hull, four or three wheels … in the jungle of strollers parents are struggling to find their way. But whatever the model, the priority remains safety. Always check for the words “NF S 54001” or “Compliance with security requirements”.
The frame must be stable and strong enough to withstand repeated handling. For urban dwellers, choose a high enough frame so that baby is not found to the same height as the exhaust pipes.
The price differences, from 300 to 600 euros for a scalable model, are justified by many details. Bend over the weight, the quality of fabrics (some fraying), folding systems (to save space) and attachment. Beware of poor quality plastic clips. Better to invest a little more, especially if you plan to refill it from the stroller for the little brothers and sisters to follow.

Stroller basket or shell?

model side, the pram was dethroned by the stroller 3 in 1. On a chassis, you ask a pod or shell and a hammock from eight months. The pod is perfect for newborns. In the shelter, they sleep in the back flat. It is used by car through a security kit but it does not replace the car seat. Small problem: the baby is a little cut off from the world and it ends up being cramped. The hull, less bulky, used her real . The child remains there without problems until the transition to the hammock. But it does ncar seat offers the same comfort for the back and its use is limited to short trips.

Three-wheeled strollers

The stroller has three wheels a great success. In addition to its modern design, see avant-garde, it has excellent suspension. With better grip it provides on any terrain: forest roads or paved streets. Most offer the option but not hull boat. Attention this model, often wide, is impractical to pass the gates of the subway or get on a bus. In addition, the three wheels are often more expensive. Some models can reach 900 euros!

Other stroller-related options

If the combined do not try, you can fall back on a piece American model. With a reclining stroller that is suitable from the first months. Solid, however it is heavier and more cumbersome. The first awards revolve around 200 euros.
The stroller, it will delight parents more than eight months. Lightweight mat, this is the perfect stroller for transport. Its price – from 30 euros – makes it very attractive. Less comfortable, except for the more expensive models, it is better to reserve it for short trips.
Finally, some accessories are indispensable: umbrella for sun, rain cover and footmuff for cold. A play arch contributes to awakening the baby lying down. But once seated, it will be captivated enough by observing its environment not to overdo it.

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