Choosing Your Baby Bottle

Choosing Your Baby Bottle

Choosing Your Baby Bottle

In plastic ? Coude? With rubber or silicone teat? Difficult to find yourself in the jungle of the bottles! Healthmagazinehouse guides you to make the best choice of  baby bottle.

Choosing Your Baby Bottle

The  baby bottle includes a glass or plastic bottle of variable size, a rubber or silicone nipple with lateral openings for air circulation, apertures or channels to regulate the flow depending on the contents, Age of the child. An adjustable ring whose rotation makes it possible to determine the more or less rapid exit of liquids completes this basic utensil.

Which  baby bottle to choose?

There are many models of baby bottles. For newborns, the glass bottle, easy to sterilize, is more convenient. Plastic baby bottles end up tarnishing and deforming during sterilization; On the other hand, they are lighter and unbreakable, so practical when the child begins to hold his bottle himself. Bottled feeding bottles would reduce air intake. Disposable baby bottles, which require no sterilization, are useful for troubleshooting.

Consider making a collection of 6 to 8 bottles in order to sterilize them once a day. Avoid buying bottles of different brands, as the clamping rings are often incompatible.

The pacifier you need

Choose rubber or silicone teats with caution. If the hole is too small, enlarge it with a reddish needle because baby can quickly get tired: it will run out of steam, swallow from the air and vomit. If the hole is too large, the milk flows too fast and overwhelms the child who chokes on drinking.

Change rubber teats often because they become soft because they are sterilized. The silicone teats are odorless and have no taste: they harden to sterilization and eventually crack.

The dilation of the rubber obstructs the orifice. Check each time the milk particles do not block the holes. Regularly squeeze the end of the nipple to check its immediate fit. When a nipple is properly adjusted, when you turn the bottle upside down, milk flows slowly, one drop per second without you having to shake it or pump the teat between thumb and index. Valve nipples to limit air intake are somewhat more difficult to clean. The teats have a flow rate that adjusts according to the sucking force of the baby. The teats with numbered slots make it possible to choose the opening and the flow of the milk.

Parents should be ready to chooose their baby bottle when his or her  first teeth appear because silicone is easily tearable.

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