Chrono nutrition is the perfect diet
Chrono nutrition is the perfect basic diet

Chrono nutrition is the perfect diet

Chrono nutrition and morpho-nutrition are the basics of dieting proposed Dr. Alain Delabos in his book “Slimming beauty wherever you want.” Unconvincing …

Chrono nutrition is “the art of how to eat foods that are right for the times of day when they are most needed.” In short, that means eating fatty morning, noon dense, sweetened the afternoon and light evening to slim and stay slim, according to Dr. Delabos: “The purpose of chrono nutrition is to satisfy, each day, our organism energy needs, without the food and fat are stored in parts of the body, creating curves unwelcome “.

Amateurs fruit, vegetables and other salads refrain! Because they have no place in the recommended menus. However, large carnivores and partygoers maybe will find them … According to the author, it is better to drink wine at will twice a week rather than one or two drinks every day, because in the first case forces the body to develop healthy defense mechanisms: “If, however, you drink a little every day, the amount will not be sufficient to trigger the warning system.

The ideal breakfast should consist of cheese, bread and butter; lunch, meat and starches; taste (required) vegetable fat, fruit and sugar derivatives; and dinner (optional), fish, seafood or white meat and some green vegetables. The amounts depend on the physical activity, size and appetite.

The morpho-Nutrition aims to shape the figure by a power which depends on the correct volumes. Goal ? Get as close as possible to the perfect morphology. For a size of 1.70 m, the ideal woman should have, according to Alain Delabos, wrist diameter of 6 cm, a chest and a tower 100 cm hips, waist circumference of 70 cm and a weight body 60 kilos.

The ideal man must have, for the same size, wrist diameter of 7 cm, chest circumference and 100 cm hips, a 80cm waist and a weight of 70 kilos. The harmonious proportions correspond to the morphotype “Galileo” to which we should aspire everyone, according to the author …

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