Chrononutrition is a typical menu
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Chrononutrition is a typical menu

Chrononutrition is actually a method of eating well based on her biological clock. The principle ? Consuming the correct food, in the right quantity at the right time. For example, here is how to organize a typical day of chrononutrition regime.

Developed by Dr. Delabos1 in 1986, this method relies on a basic principle: depending on when it is eaten, the same food can either be well assimilated by the body, either directly follow the “storage channels” in lodge itself where we do not want, hips, buttocks, abdomen, etc. Chrononutrition with this is to put the record straight and to respect our biological clock! In practice, what does it eat when? Basically, follow metabolic changes in our bodies.

With chrononutrition, 4 meals per day

Chrononutrition Claude Chauchard2 typical day, specialist on chrononutrition, said that the body secretes hormones (insulin and cortisol) approximately every four hours. That’s why every time our body needs food to function properly, it is important to give him the right foods at the right time. Which means: fat at breakfast, at lunch meals a dense, sweet in taste and light dinner (those who are not hungry can even skip the evening dinner since the body consumes a lot less energy).

Finally, according to the principles of chrono-nutrition, 3 meals (plus afternoon tea) should be taken at fixed hours, about 4 hours apart. This is the average time it takes our bodies to digest. Meet the deadline avoids the risks of storage.

Chrononutrition: On a typical day menu

Chrononutrition resumes the old adage: “king of breakfast, lunch and Prince of poor dinner.”


Breakfast should be hearty and includes cheese, butter, carbohydrates (bread, rice), protein (egg, ham) and fruits. Because during sleep, the body has burned many calories to regenerate and wake up the batteries are flat. The body therefore needs “fuel” to properly tackle the day. And you do not count the calories, the body has all day to spend!


Lunch allows the body to stay in shape the rest of the day. The main course is privileged and it consists mainly of animal protein and starches.

Lipids are less present at the breakfast and carbohydrates and vegetable proteins are also consumed in smaller quantities.

Finally, it is careful not to overeat, the goal is not to burden the organization that still has some way to go before they get to rest.

For example, a grilled chicken breast combined with pasta and some green vegetables makes a good main course. You can opt for a light dessert, such as a cheese with red fruits for example.


The taste is very important in nutrition-timer. It is he who will provide fuel for the body to hold until the evening without having to throw everything and anything at dinner time, time in which the body tends to store. In taste, it gives way to sweet and is fun snacking on fruit, dried fruit and dark chocolate.


For dinner, we opted for a light diet that will not saturate the work of the body during sleep. For this meal, which is not mandatory in chrono-nutrition, are selected easily digestible foods: fish and lean meats, vegetables. “At night, we avoid all that fast sugars, fats and carbohydrates” illustrates Claude Chauchard. The goal is to avoid boost insulin secretion.

Sample menus for a typical day


A cheese sandwich with 2 boiled eggs and tea


Pork chop with cheese along with pasta shells


Strawberry salad with mint OR handful of almonds + a square of dark chocolate

Having dinner

Lemon chicken and leek fondue

Editor’s note: Remember to hydrate yourself throughout the day with water, tea, etc.

In summary, no food is really forbidden, all is well respect the principle of consuming the right time.

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