Common types of obesity
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Common types of obesity

In the following  article,i will let  you know about  are several different types of the obesity that never heard about it before

“We have the researchers identified six different types of people who suffer from obesity,” and The Independent newspaper has reported. It has assumed that each type could benefit from therapeutic program target for obesity a disease instead of a standardized therapeutic approach that fits with everyone.

This study examined the study of the number of 4,000 adult patients with obesity data participated in the study Yorkshire County health. This study aims to see whether it was possible classification of people who suffer from obesity, according to public health and lifestyle characteristics.

The study said six groups of people who suffer from obesity:

Women suffer from obesity, but in general, to have few complications associated with disease, such as obesity.

Males with excessive drink – as in the past, but with a great deal of drinking alcohol.

Middle-aged people do not feel happy and worried – mostly a women suffer from weakness in the mental health and the lack of the feeling of happiness.

Wealthy elderly and those with good – particularly in the health of people with good health but they have the qualities to drink alcohol heavily and suffering from high blood pressure.

The elderly who suffer from physical ailments, but feel happy – people older suffer from chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, but they with good mental health.

People with weak health – people that are suffering from economic deprivation, and suffering from a large number of chronic diseases.

This research is supposed to be better to identify subgroups of people who suffer from obesity, rather than put all these people into one category, which may help in the breakdown of interventions and treatments are more effective and influential. The current study does not prove this theoretical assumption, where he deserves more discussion and searched.

From where did this story?

We have been implementing this study through a number of researchers from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and the Harvard School of Public Health in the United States, and is not mentioned financial support for this study sources.

This study has been published in the peer review of public health.

And it has reported the English media that the results of this study were correct. But in general, it can confirm that it is a search my year only.

This study does not provide conclusive evidence in itself of the existence of the six classes of people who suffer from obesity, or that these people will benefit from the various types of treatment.

What kind of this research?

This research is an analysis of the data that was collected as part of the collective ongoing study in the United Kingdom, the study Yorkshire Health District, which aims to find out whether it was possible classification of people who suffer from obesity to different subsets according to health characteristics of social or demographic or behavioral.

Researchers had assumed that the use of a single rating for the disease of obesity – simply all those with a measure of body size for 30 or more – to be located by visual variables in people who suffer from obesity definition.

And some can be had different levels of physical fitness and metabolism require different interventions. For example, some people who suffer from obesity can have a link to the amount of alcohol they consume, while some of the other could be a result of lack of workout and poor nutrition.

And this will be a useful initial study to try to determine whether there are different types of obesity, but can you explain for us more than that. Without the expansion of this study, we will not know whether this is a sub-types of fixed suffering from various health risks and which can benefit from the different types of treatment.

What is contained in this search?

This study using data collected from the study of Yorkshire County health between 2010 and 2012. This study aimed to examine the health needs of people in Yorkshire Province.

We’ve been sent questionnaires to  answere through the general manager, and data on the number was 27,806 people assemble (16% response rate), and 4144 the number of people suffering from obesity scale the size of the body of 30 or more.

And questionnaire included information regarding age, gender, ethnic and socio-economic status and health status. Validation works questionnaire to assess the quality of life that are related to health.

Ratings behavioral collect information on smoking status, amount consumed alcohol, physical activity, and whether the person has been fought in the management of any activity related to their weight, such as visiting clubs slimming, control volumes regions of their bodies, or treatment without a prescription.

The main analysis looking at different groups of people with common properties.

You all the methods used in the treatment of obesity!

What were the basic results?

The average age for a group of people that are being studied 56 years, 58% of whom were women, and the average body size 34. Most of them (95%) were from the fair-skinned, and generally come from areas suffering from extreme deprivation in the province.

And analyzed the data, the researchers found that there are six distinct groups of people who suffer from obesity. And they have been identified as follows:

Males with over-the-drink

Young female health workers

Elderly suffering from physical ailments, but feel happy

Elderly with good health of the wealthy

People aged happy medium is suffering from anxiety

People with health vulnerabilities.

The largest of these groups was the female group of healthy young women, which represents the most positive characteristics when compared with the different variables across the groups.

For example, people who use alcohol less than some other thing, to have the degrees of satisfaction clearly about life, and deal with their weight a little more effectively.

The men who ate a lot of brew group similar to a group of healthy young females predicted the amount of alcohol they consume with the (average 11.86 units for each week versus 4.98).

There are other qualities differ in one group than in the various groups. For example, include a group of persons with the middle ages, and do not feel happy, and suffer from anxiety often, the number of women with mental health weakness and a decline in the quality of life and sense of well-being.

Include the elderly who suffer from physical ailments group, but feel happy, for those with low levels of mental health problems, but they suffer from chronic health problems, such as arthritis and high blood pressure.

A group of people with health vulnerabilities include those who are most disadvantaged and suffer from many chronic health problems and behaviors not lead healthy lives.

How do the researchers interpret the results?

The researchers concluded that “it is important to interpret the significance of heterogeneity (variable) in people suffering from obesity.

“Interventions that emanated from doctors and those in charge of political decision-making should not be aimed at people who suffer from the disease of obesity as a whole, but the strategies rely on sub-groups to which he belongs these people.”

About childhood obesity causes and treatment!

The solution

Researchers properly schooled as being a general study explanatory based on the theoretical assumption. “This study has been done using a large sample of the population is made up of more than 4,000 people suffering from obesity in Yorkshire Province.

And this study has examined whether there were patterns of health and socio-economic characteristics and life that are common to these people. The study concluded that there are six distinct categories fit in the best shape with this group. However, the researchers said, may have been used for this study will lead to more research, “but” can not determine the cause. ”

This study identified six categories of the model taken from the Yorkshire County, but we do not know whether the same six classes will be determined whether the other models of people who suffer from obesity, which has been tested – such as those of people with dental reconstruction different or different ethnic or from different provinces within the United Kingdom, or from different countries. And other models can produce little or a lot of groups or different categories.

Even if the various groups that suffer from obesity this is correct, we can not talk about how to have a link to various health risks. For example, through some of the chronic diseases that were more common in certain groups suffer from obesity, we can not say if they have obesity contributes to the incidence of these diseases. And using the same scale, we can not say if any of the qualities of life that have been measured have contributed to the disease of obesity.

And organizers of this study has stated that all persons involved in this study will benefit from losing weight, but that weight loss can not be the priority for all members of these groups. He argued, for example as “among the people groups that suffer from health weakness, can the issue of weight loss to be less attention compared to the chronic diseases suffered by this group. This is in contrast to other groups, such as young women of healthy girls group or older wealthy people with group good health, where that weight loss can have a priority for them. ”

However, we can not recall through this research whether any of these groups that suffer from obesity characterized as “healthy” or “unhealthy” for any other group. Where obesity a disease known as being linked with many adverse health effects of having the risk of heart and blood vessels and certain cancers. The search so far has not found the type of “healthy” one of obesity. And obesity means unhealthy weight.

And although it may be true that the different types of people that suffer from obesity can respond better to different types of overlap (such as the introduction of exercise or behavioral groups supportive), it can not be determined from this study did not examine interventions different.

As the researchers said, their research provides the exciting and interesting way to study more expansive ways in which it can address the obesity epidemic. However, the best way to be is to target healthy weight and lifestyle through a balanced food and frequent regular exercise and not smoking, and balancing the amount of alcohol that is drunk .

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