Contraceptive pill for men
Contraceptive pill: contraceptive pill for men in ten years?

Contraceptive pill for men

Australian researchers have managed to make a male contraceptive pill by blocking the function of two proteins responsible for the progress of the sperm in the reproductive organs.

Scientists at Monash University in Australia is on track to create a new male contraceptive pill. The method does not rely on hormonal management or the development of sperm. It presents a priori no danger because it will not make infertile by affecting a healthy sperm .

In the experiment carried out by the researcher Sabatino Ventura, both muscle cell protein allowing sperm to move in the reproductive organs of the animal were blocked. This process has halted the progression of semen during ejaculation male mice.

These mated with females without risk of reproduction. “We showed that blocking together two proteins that allow the progress of sperm during ejaculation causes infertility total,” says the author of the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. “The muscle does not receive the chemical message telling him to move” sperm, said Dr. Ventura.

Male mice were rendered infertile temporarily without sexual health or sperm is altered in the long term.

Academics are now working to replicate this method chemically so as to make it functional and safe in humans. “The next step is the development of a male oral contraceptive that is effective, safe and easily reversible,” says Sabatino Ventura. The researchers hope to be able to fast forward. They feel the first male contraceptive pill could make its debut on the market in ten years.


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